Friday, November 9, 2012

Pornographic thoughts (wait, scratch that, Thoughts on measure B)

It hit me, why are pornographers and porn stars so mad about Measure B in Los Angeles? Why not just embrace it, buy a bunch of those exotic condoms, the type mentioned in that Monty Python sketch(where Eric idle is a Protestant housewife), they use them in the films, the films get sent around the world, and viewers decide to go buy those exotic condoms since they see it as the new norm. Once that's done, they can invest in those condom manufacturers, promoting safe sex around the world, as well as making some cash in the process. It's a thought, anyway. (By the way, if anyone decides to use this idea, please credit me or I will, do, something, I'm not sure what.)(I don't know if there was a joke I was getting to, probably not)

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