Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another post that I'll regret but will do anyway

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Today is Richard Nixon's 100th birthday. And all I think about is how in Watchmen he sent Dr Manhattan to Vietnam, thus really affecting history and repealing the 22nd amendment. (Apparently, he was chosen as a way to savagely mock Reagan, as Alan Moore said "No one is going to argue that Nixon is scum", or something like that, which is funny because I was going on CNN, which had an article about how Nixon could be a new model for the GOP, but anyway I'm getting off topic.) What was I talking about?
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Random Thought

Is it wrong to want to ask a person from South America who speaks German if they're related to Nazi war criminals?
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Hello World

I'm going to change that name later.
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Tired post

I'm tired, right now, just, exhausted
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Detroit, June 2013: An essay in photos

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Friday, August 23, 2013

One last post or so

On the Ben Affleck Batman thing: I don't care, I simply don't. I've gotten cynical, I guess, about anything like this, the world of it, the monopolistic corporate structures of comics publishers, the still cliched and stereotyped views of unfamiliar outlets in presenting the news about it with phrases from the 60s Batman series. And then there's so many others I've seen, the bloggers of comics of so many sites, people I fought against just after Man of Steel came out (and they are stupid, by the way), writers of terrible and jargon-filled essays on stuff like this, etc. Only thing I actually trust is the potential film itself, because it's actually there and existing, and has a story and world going on and such, rather than star power or money or semiotics or popcorn or connotations or whatever, it , means more than any nagging author (suck as Chuck Dixon on remarks by Chris Nolan) or bored Golden Apple employee.
Now to wait and see how many spam-bot hits I get, it's like suddenly I'm like sugar to their flies.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quitting the site

It's possible, all my traffic seems to be spam-bots, and I've been not that glad about this blog anyway, it's gone from a failed comedy thing to angry rants to nearing a war on spammers, I'm thinking of quitting and pulling the plug within a few weeks. A few weeks, mind you, I have school soon, and I'm thinking of copying all my posts and the data like dates and compiling it into a self-published book or something.

To referral spammers and blog traffic fakers

I've been a fool, it's taken me this long, but I've found out that nobody's been looking up this blog, or least much less than stated. All the links I keep getting saying that the sites are referring to mine, Adsensewatchdog, vampirestat, kzmackblogger, etc., they've just been using code to trick my stats readings, website views that didn't happen, and since Google isn't doing anything about this, I might have to. So listen up you spammers, keep up this referring and statistics messing, and I will start tracking you down, and find you, and burn your servers and computers with a blowtorch and five gallons of gasoline, and then tie you up and smash each of your fingers and toes one at a time with a sledgehammer, until you cry Uncle after seeing your evil appendages turned into a mass of red goo and bone powder!!! You get that, you scumbag assholes?!?! You mess with my site, I mess with you.


I got this in my inbox this morning, and pardon my language, but oh my god, this sounds so much like a scam to trick people out of the money, it's like it's a stereotypical Nigerian prince letter taken to new levels of bad writing, I'm wondering if they won't realize that no one will fall for it, and here it is for all you guys just have to see how bad it is. Not edited.
From: Mrs. Teressa Moore <meubelaanbiedingen@online.nl>
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 4:20 PM

Hello Dear Good Friend,

How are you doing today?. Please don’t be surprise by receiving my message, I Mrs Teressa Moore and i am currently sending you this mail from my sick bed in the hospital. I know my message will come to you as a surprise. But don't worry. All i hope is that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to repose on you. I have to thank God this moment for his direction as regards this mission. God want me to complete this mission hence, I got your contact. I know you maybe wondering how I got your contact email.

When I heard from the doctor that my condition has become so critical, I had to reach out to a Christian sister, who assisted me in searching for your contact in order to help me utilize this wealth the way I am going to instruct herein, and even the sister that helped me in this regard doesn't know the purpose for which I intend to use it I have prayed about it and it has been revealed to me that you can make judicious use of the resources for its intended purpose.

My late husband earned these funds, Twelve Million Six Hundred Thousands United State Dollars ($12,600,000.00 USD)but he died in a plane crash and left everything behind for me and I will join him soon due to my ill health. Due to my infertility resulting from medical problems I became barren. God has a reason for everything. I would want you to contact my lawyer for guidelines below.

Barrister Michael Furness
Email: (barristermichael_f@yahoo.com)
Telephone: +447012977277

Ensure to use a greater portion of the funds for its purpose in fulfillment of my last wish. Furthermore you will never have any problem with the law as far as my lawyer is in concern. The most major part you will use to bless God's Children all over the world ]

See if you can find all the errors made, and you might win a prize!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Email from the president and what I sent back

Here's the president's email sent to anyone who did something or other for some petitions online:

[Hello, everybody --
Michelle and I know exactly how tough it can be to pay for higher education. By the time we finished paying back the loans we took out to go to college and grad school, I was on my way to being a U.S. Senator.
I believe that anyone who works hard should have the same opportunities that our educations gave us. That's why, as President, I've made it a personal mission to make higher education more affordable -- and why I'm going to be visiting school campuses later this week.
Learn more about why this is the time to take action.
The facts are clear. Over the past three decades, the average tuition at a public four-year college has more than tripled. At the same time, many state governments are actually reducing their support for education, and many middle-class students are getting stuck with the tab. Today, the average student taking out loans to pay for education graduates with more than $26,000 in debt.
Just tinkering around the edges won't be enough: To create a better bargain for the middle class, we have to fundamentally rethink about how higher education is paid for in this country. We've got to shake up the current system.
That's why, starting Thursday, I will be embarking on a bus tour to offer my plan to make college more affordable, tackle rising costs, and improve value for students and their families. My plan includes real reforms that would bring lasting change. They won't all be popular with everyone --including some who've made higher education their business -- but it's past time that more of our colleges work better for the students they exist to serve.
Over the past four and a half years, we've worked to put college in reach for more students and their families through tax credits, improving access to financial aid, and new options that make it easier to repay those loans.
But if we're going to keep the doors of higher education open to everyone who works for it, we need to do more -- much more. And that's exactly what I'm going to be talking about this week.
So learn more here, then help to spread the word:
President Barack Obama}

And the email I sent back: [
So why don't you do something about it, rather than sitting around the last five years letting the Republicans make you their bitch? Sorry about the language, but it's (slightly) true, there's been a ton of time to do all this, rather than letting the GOP win and sending off drones and the NSA. Here's some suggestions for college reform: Give much more research money to schools so that knowledge and applications of the sciences and beyond, sort of like the Cold War, except without any warmongering or military-industrial driving guides; get rid of golf universities and majors, it's an incredibly stupid, in fact get rid of most golf courses, there do nothing but waste time, money, and resources such as water; create a more rigorous standard of way of determining who and who should not be instructors at colleges, for example I had this art history instructor at Santa Monica College who was arrogant and actually frequently incorrect (because I looked up the art he was talking about, and found the stories were sometimes not what we were told); work on a way to de-emphasize the image of college as being a place of nonstop partying; and please try to keep in mind that while opponents might call you a fascist for anything you do, more often than not they're real (crypto)fascists deep down.
Signed, Nick Scroggs]

P.S.: I'm not sure how I become this firebrand personality when on this blog, and that I hope this got read by the president himself.

The Iron Dream

I don;t know why, could be the 11 hours of sleep I managed to get, or some kind of growing instability, but I suddenly have an idea to make a film adaptation of Norman Spinrad's novel The Iron Dream (which itself contains a novel written by an alternate Adolf Hitler and his lurid dreams), partly to design it into form, but mostly to mess with everybody's heads, from studio execs realizing they've spent a giant budget to make a book about the racist dreams of Nazis come to life, to finding people who don't realize the Nazi analogues, and so on. Hmm, maybe it could be done in the fashion of a cheapo 1980s Conan the Barbarian ripoff, or like made in the 70s, or animated, and the film itself concludes with a special "behind the scenes" documentary set in the same timeline as the novel, rather than the meta-scholarly analysis in the book which wouldn't adapt well, and features the actors and crew talking oblivious to things and son on and son on and so on.

Question about Objectivism (partly to create a Succès de scandale)

Let me ask you this, whoever is reading this: Would the world at the end of any Ayn Rand novel survive a generation or more? Say that the Objectivist supermen and women become so obsessed with their own self-superiority that they forget they're mortal, and don't have any offspring and such? Or they do breed and have offspring, say their children don't follow their parents into a world by John Galt and whatshername the Aryan Dagny, and rebel against a paradigm of laissez-faire and totalitarianism? Or maybe their kids have some physical or cognitive developmental problems, and are shunned by their parents as not being fit to carry the Objectivist legacy or as the perfect people they the parents are? Or suddenly a natural disaster or catastrophe that completely or partially changes the world out of nowhere, that leave the Randian heroes at a major disadvantage they can't solve with their worldview, or just unable to adapt and die off?

(Come to think of it, a lot of these complaints can go towards many ideologies and such, but focusing on Objectivism here, and also politics can be disproven as not existing, only an intangible illusion, and being scientific here than conforming to an ideology that's inaccurate, I'm rambling now, sorry.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Page views

I'm doing this post simply in the name of getting more views on this blog, since it seems the only way to get any views is to make another post that will be displayed on scuzzy-looking websites and in the end get about 6 total and never more until you put up another post, and the cycle repeats itself. To Google, and Blogger, you guys do a terrible, horrible job promoting these blogs, and if I put this on Facebook or Twitter or something, it wouldn't fare much better, who am I kidding?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oil companies and high school

To people I met in the past and such, if oil companies are really in charge and doing stuff that secretly control the country like having Obama elected in order to placate the populace, then why don't you do something about it, like start a violent overthrow of them and destroy their corporate buildings and power structures and such, or steal all their money so as to fund alternative energy projects, rather than sit around and complain? Why not do something? Other things too, like when complaining about the Army recruiting kids on campus, on more than one occasion I suggested they go up to the soldiers on campus and tell them to go away and stop using kids as cannon fodder, but they didn't listen. Hated a lot of high school, saw a lot of things and secret worlds of humans, the ones that are never mentioned anywhere, the hypocrisy, the teachers who probably shouldn't teach, the gossip and talking about other people behind their backs, fascist PE teachers,  holy moly this is bringing back to those days,  the world back then on the verge of nervous breakdown, others only concerned with everything except study, people in authority and moral debates and issues that were questionable in general, a sense of alienation, I did well in classes but everything else, I I can't go on, stopping post.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I do not trust guns, wanna know what one feels like to fire, but don't trust them or understand the appeal, they're a very extreme thing unlike say, a Batarang. And also that they're not tools of safety, they're symbols of insecurity, if you carry one the only reasons I can think of are that you're a criminal overseeing a shady deal, an officer or soldier, or or carry one because you're scared you'll be killed walking home, or to wave in someone's face when they are mocking you. That's all I can think of, it shows fear and irrationality in the face f the unknown or something, it's a sign of a world not at peace or of nonviolent diplomacy.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Old style wrestling

An observation and not a judgement. I was looking up wrestling on Wikipedia (because I started by looking up Rafael Trujillo and why strongmen emerged in Latin America despite the fall of fascism post-World War II, and then it had a link to circus strongmen, which reminded me of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay), they have a bunch of images of images of the Greek Pankration fighting style and such, and frankly a lot of it looks homoerotic, or more bluntly like it's man-on-man pornography than the fighting it's said to be, what with the nude muscular grappling each other fiercely and whatnot. Anyone else notice this, or is it me?

Various things

  • An anti-state, a type of entity I'm making up right now, that serves as antimatter to a state of polity's matter.
  • Ban nuclear weapons, repurpose all for peaceful uses, including ones that have to be taken back from terror and other groups.
  • Take down lobbying in the United States, all it is at this point is money and tactics used to get someone figuratively in bed with a cause and shows how malleable people in power are in a manner similar to to days gangsters could run things. Okay, that sentence is a bit over the place, so, take down lobbying, take money and professional legal firms away from any remaining lobbyists, and so on.
  • To the President, should he get this since it seems writing a letter to the White House website only seems to fill my email inbox: What happened to you, man? In 2008 there was so much optimism, the hope campaign, but with things like the NSA surveillance things, and so forth, it's just showing you're a president in power with no idea of the social, cultural, psychological, and other changes at this time in the 21st century, sort of like Lyndon Johnson and his men in the late 1960s.
  • Revive people mover and monorail projects in Los Angeles.
  • In LA as well, take a lot of Griffith park and convert it into a full reserve for animals, and make the zoo itself more for the animals there than any people showing up to gawk at them.
  • More respect for those with autism spectrum disorders, rather than thought of solely as "defective" kids that people agonize over what they did "wrong".
  •  I still can't figure out why anyone would want war right after World war 2, or why anyone even bothered with violence for their goals, you'd think with the amount of devastation and shock of the the brutality of war, no one would think of going into it ever again.
  • Apparently according to some sources, there were a lot of powerful people at the mayoral manor nearby Detroit at a a party a stripper performed at before she was murdered by Kwame Kilpatrick's wife, including Jennifer Granholm. The story's a bit muddled by my own memory of my sources telling me, but it speaks up.
  • Execute poachers and anyone trying to hunt for bushmeat, and ban hunting for sport in general,  to eat and for survival is a different story.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


If you ever want to become depressed and/or have convincing evidence that humanity is a train wreck disaster or just not worthy of the status of life in the universe capable of so many things, go on a website, say Laughspin, and see the comments made by people, for example misogynistic ones stating the author is a hack for calling Adam Carolla a hack judging by degrees in studies they don't even know if they have. Or right-wing videos on YouTube going on about new world orders, Reagan saying he "warned everyone" of  Obama, and using George Carlin as a global warming denial propagandist by editing clips or something. Or on Comics Alliance, when when they portrayed themselves as seas of sanity in a world gone mad ( after arguing with each other over Jim Lee's run on X-men and the design of costumes in DC's New 52), and then all these people show up making racist comments, and then some, such as and I quote from memory since I will not go back there, "Amen, I got out of the matrix and now fully put faith in God" after an article on the issue where Superman renounces his US citizenship. Or listen to stories about how one's great-grandfather would drive a boat drunk with his grand kids on board in a lake polluted into a brown sludge. Or news blogs where people express support for Christopher Dorner and give him a dark vigilante mystique, or saying that he was murderous but brilliant. Or sick humor about Natalie Wood's death in the 80s. Or ugly open secrets that it seems a lot of people know but will never tell. Or of persons calling for violence and becoming more violent despite all that history shows. Sometimes it's like you wish something would come along and destroy humanity once and for all to end it for the planet. Or for those without the resources for that, getting away and cutting off can be a start toward sanity.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A question to Russia

Seriously, what's up with you guys, it's like things have gone into an overdrive lately, granting Edward Snowden amnesty (no matter whether one sees him as hero or traitor, I don't care about him), increasing propaganda and attacks against LGBTQ activists and communities, oligarchs,  expansionism, all this stuff, what's with it?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie

Reading an article on how these two have been exchanging a verbal war of words, including senator Paul calling governor Christie "king of bacon" (which admittedly he looks like, along with Mafia kingpin or villain on a The Dukes of Hazzard ripoff), and then how the two are calling for a diplomatic thing with each other, with Paul even saying he didn't pick a fight when that's exactly what he did, it reminded me of something. It reminded me of two of any guys that i might have encountered in junior high school having an argument. Like the two guys, one's a meathead, the others some jerk, they start having a verbal fight with each other and then are told by the adults to apologize, and the one guy who picked the fight outright says he didn't want to pick it since the other's also a jerk. And these two are high-ranking contenders for the presidency in 2016, instead of maybe getting together for that beer summit, then drinking too much and being too hung over to get to their offices.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video

It's been out for several months now, but two things, one I didn't know Robin Thicke was white/Caucasian, and two, here's an approximation of the thoughts of most males aged 13-30 who saw the video (I say "most" in a very loose sense here): "this is completely wasteful, why are these guys cavorting around with the nude models instead of letting us get a a fair chance to have sex with them?" I assume that's what they were thinking, based on the popularity of the video, the neurochemical state of their brains, etc.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer 2013

Lot of strange things happening in twos this summer, train derailments in Canada and Spain, plane crash landings, sex scandals involving politicians either as mayor or looking to be mayor (Anthony Wiener and whatsisname in San Diego). it's been strange to see a pattern forming, but of what?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

European racism as of late (a question)

What's with all the racism in Europe? Seriously, what is with it, after centuries of racism in colonies and such, and other events such as World War 2 and the Holocaust, why would people think that it's a good idea to do things like having a senator in Italy compare the first Congolese minister to an orangutan (besides being incredibly offensive is geographically inaccurate to say the least, since orangutangs are from Indonesia, not the Congo area of Africa), or to yell slurs at futbol players for their skin color? It might be a small crowd amongst the giant populace, but you'd think that after all the years of how it goes so horribly wrong and such would have sunk in by now. But then, maybe stupidity and hatred will always exist in humanity. Why?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Victoria Jackson (a not-very-serious post)

Victoria Jackson, comedienne turned Commie-hunter, I would state that she is psychotic, but that would be an insult to people who suffer from psychosis as a result of a number of psychological and neurological afflictions. But she is insane, or some other term describing whatever the heck she does and sees, it is a tangible fact. There are a ton of stories about her already the last few years as she's joined the Tea Party, and yelling conspiracy theories and accusations out her mouthhole, and I have some stories I've heard from the bylines of Hollywood, such as one time she changed a baby's diaper on an agent's desk, while they were working at it. Due to various reasons, I cannot or will not name where I heard that story, all I will say is that you live in Los Angeles and know one or more persons in the film-TV industry, you eventually start to hear things. But I'm really writing this post to say that I really want to send her a bunch of materials(films, books, etc.) of a suggestive, erotic, offensive, or otherwise anti-her nature. Just to mess with her and subvert her world for a laugh. I can't do that myself, but I will suggest anyone reading this, if you have the money and time, to mail her that stuff, turn this into a campaign of sorts. And if I can politely ask, spread the word on Twitter or something, take a photo of yourself with the materials to mail, something that shows you were involved with this prank, and also name this website if it becomes big news, so that I may bask in the infamy. 
Here's a list of suggested materials to send to her (find the address yourself, I'm not getting in trouble for posting all her information and inciting people to action against her, that's VJ's own job):
Um, I guess that's really all my ideas, but use your imaginations. You could send copies of Das kapital over and over until they pile up, or subscribe her to various magazines such as Mother Jones (would need some hacking or forgery skills for that, mind you), I leave it entirely in your hands.

Also, I was going to mock Chicks on the Right, but all i could think of is the simple declaration that they're just over-privileged rich white women who prefer to drink cosmos, get their nails done, shop for expensive impractical clothes, and put a show about themselves and their right wing views online like they're sincere, nice, and concerned, when they present themselves arrogant, can't talk anymore, starting to question my own sanity in writing all this. The world just gets frustrating, and I start acting like this.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Politics question

Why can't we have a porn star actress as First Lady of the US, or in general someone who does not look and act as a very old girl-next-door, or a younger model of smiling happiness and chicness? Why not someone who doesn't fit any of the molds of previous First ladies, like a pro dominatrix, or a former centerfold, or a feminist leader, or someone like Harley Quinn on Batman? Or even a male, when's the first gay president going to be elected, or lesbian president, it's all, so, behind with time and logic, the United States.

Friday, July 19, 2013

A list of hosts and other suggestions for Saturday Night Live's 39th season

First off, that it should be the final season, since NBC is losing the evolutionary arms race and changes of television, but that they also use this as an opportunity to make the show go with a bang than a whimper, like diverting money from pilots that won't last two episodes to fund like, 30 episodes of SNL, each given more time to be funny.
Now the hosts:
-Lewis Black
-Neil deGrase Tyson
-Barack Obama (sitting president hosting)
-Dolph Lundgren
-Gilbert Sheldon (underground cartoonist, to see what'd happen)
-Sergio Aragones
-Anyone from a Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie

Final episode: A giant reunion of SNL alumni still alive (minus Chevy Chase, due to his homophobia, and borderline alcoholism, which reminds me of an incident where I was touring the Community set at Paramount on Melrose, I saw Chevy Chase and said something like 'oh my god, you're Chevy Chase!", because that was pretty exciting to see a legend in any case, and he had a half-empty bottle of wine and just was startled, like he was about to have a heart attack.) doing classic sketches and a bunch of new ones, before a final goodnight form the cast. And then hives of killer bees are released into the studio as the credits roll. What, you wanted it to be a sappy ending with no gag or anything?

Reader suggestions are most welcome, since I know there's a ton of stuff that could be done, for example I could only think of one female host, so please, comment away.

My life at this point

Is this where my life is now, too tired to stay awake, too awake to fall asleep, reading pages about examples of "Cowboy bebop at his computer", bitter about Comic-Con's server crashes and not getting tickets, after midnight when no one will read it except on the other side of the planet? No jo, no plans for the future, comics conventions and chic geeks  selling out, films that exist in a paradigm of "fun and serious" i can't figure out, it hurts, a lot.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What's with Florida?

Seriously, what the frak is up with it? Political corruption, race-related shootings and tensions, guys forming thousands of PACs then disappearing like Batman, destruction of the Everglades, past things like the cocaine smuggling, seriously what is with it?

Richard Cohen On Zimmerman and Martin

I almost wasn't going to post this, due to a variety of factors, such as a cat who wanted food despite a recent breakfast (I can't figure out how he's so hungry throughout the day when he eats enough for 3 cats a day, a lot at earlier meals), and a general pessimism that's taking over my trains of thought over films and their reception this year, but I will. earlier today, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen (not to be confused with the other million famous Richard Cohens there are) wrote an editorial about George Zimmerman being right to judge Trayvon Martin since he was black and wearing a hoodie, and then a bunch of stuff about young black men being the center of all crime or something. This is very much stupidity, which we've seen is already present in this case and series of events, and a stereotype that reminds me of the racial tensions of 1968 (I've been reading a book on that year again to compare and contrast with today). Don't know if it's an apt or appropriate analogy (the idea that he's still stuck on the phrase "Up against the wall, motherf***er, this is a stickup" would be intriguing to accuse him of), and in any case race is not a biologically or generally valid concept, but, um, what was I saying.
Oh yes, my cracked crime survival team has come up with a new field guide to criminal types based on how Richard Cohen was thinking, for all your going-abouts in dangerous crime areas. Here's what they came up with: ***

***Due to the potentially offensive concepts and very racist things that would have been said to mock Richard cohen but probably be taken out of context or taken meaning I'm a racist, the field guide will not be published. And for you racists out there, get with the times, you jerks.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The George Zimmerman verdict

Very surprised by that, and how the whole frenzy over the trial happened, but only advice is to work on the justice system in Florida more, and to ignore George Zimmerman, like I said, no matter what the outcome of the trial, he was an idiot, he is an idiot, and will be an idiot until he dies in obscurity or at the hands of the New Black Panthers, whichever happens first. Now go to sleep.

Friday, July 12, 2013

And now, a list of words in English without vowels

(Taken from Wikipedia)
Here you go, so I don't have to retype or copy any of it.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

On Immigration Debate

People in power for centuries have hated immigrants and been prejudiced against others. For example, while there's a lot of current things about immigration from Mexico, but American power players have hated other "foreigners" and people of such, like the Irish in the 19th century, the Chinese, Japanese, so-called anarchists and nihilists, heck it'd be prudent to suggest that SB1070 is like a modern-day Exclusion Act. Man, there's still a ton of racists out there.

More on the 2000s

Don't miss that decade, i sincerely don't, and here's more reasons to it:
  • The uproars and fanning of what was called a culture war when one didn't exist.
  • The rise of the superpundit and pseudo-experts, selling books demonizing others or doing sound-bytes that seized your mind so you shelled out cash for their terrible advice.
  • Gossip and secret talk by people you thought were nice or good people.
  • Spider-Man 3
  • The way ethical and moral and other issues were talked about like they were permanent when research shows that in 3 years they'll be replaced by something else and become a product of the times rather than timeless.
  • The lack of oversight and effort given on a lot of the teachers and students in the LAUSD.
  • Reality TV that was scripted compeltely.
  • The status quo of political divide.
  •  The chaos of pop culture academic blogs that just write essays terribly that possibly started with the aftermath of The dark Knight.
  • The rise of spree shooters.
  • Gel-spiked hair.
  • Materialism.
  • At this point I'm typing on fumes and what-not, bye.


What happens when this blog gets to 1000 views? Does that mean Google will start looking into it more and perhaps make sure it's not advertised solely on shady sites that disappear when you check the URL?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To anyone about the title

I've changed the title from The Warped Twisted Whatchamacallit Mind of Nick Scroggs to the Warped Mind of Nick Scroggs, because frankly the joke was worn off of it, and the new title matches the URL better. Thank you for your cooperation.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A bunch of topics in one post

  •  Why do people like hunting for sport, what's gotten from shooting an animal that isn't trying to kill you, or isn't needed to kill for food?
  • Idea for petition: Taking money from corporations such as Monsanto, BP, General Dynamics, Bain, and so on, they don't need obscene amounts of capital and cash.
  • Idea for petition: A program to exponentially expand zoos and zoological societies, turning zoos into giant environments for species to survive for generations, and the societies to get funding for cloning and reviving endangered species, such as the grizzly bear.
  • International preserves for wildlife that exist out of national jurisdiction, and rules so poachers are thrown into a radioactive waste dump for the rest of their lives.
  •  Increased colonization of space, a serious expansion into space.
  • Total protection of indigenous and native populations and their rights.
  • Ban the use of animals in circuses.
  • Stuff I don't get:
  -Why someone would want to engage in acts like oral sex or anal sex or any other acts in general.
-Why there seems to be nothing about how the mechanics and dynamics of sexual action works and form a continuous paradigm that keeps functioning over millions of years instead of being regarded as stupid as soon as one sees it.
-Why it(sexuality) has so much appeal despite it being freaky and weird and gross and disturbing when you see it or worse experience it, and being forced on us from within the brain, aand the rebellion of the body to the personality, and the possible theoretical explanations not matching up with what is in practice.
-Why I can't control it despite it being not part of my personality or anything, and should be nonexistent as predicted, but instead has me making bad decisions in pursuit of sexual activity.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

To anyone in Egypt

If you're in Egypt, and you see a sexual assault happening, because there's a ton of them during this crisis, I recommend you just attack the attackers and kill them, just kill them, end the problem of revolutions and coups doing this in recent history.

Friday, July 5, 2013

2 questions

Why in the 60s did they used to haul TV stars into recording studios to sing albums? And why did they name an Italian cash-in film Black Emanuelle when the title character was Indonesian? (You spend enough time out on vacation, soon trivia like this becomes your focus.)

More things and people I want gone by New Years 2014

  • Erick Erickson
  • Orly Taitz
  • Joe Arpaio
  • The Kardashians
  • Gordon Liddy (from wannabe espionage yes-man for Nixon to telling people to shoot ATF agents in the head)
  • Frank Luntz
  • The ruling family of Saudi Arabia (taking a centuries-old religion and twisting it to allow abuse of women)
  • The military coup leaders in Egypt
  • The president of Syria
  • Actually, that's all i can think of.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Media being called stuff

I don't know why after films come out, they are often called mindless entertainment, or wish-fulfillment fantasies, or stuff like that, stuff that never once crossed my mind when I saw them.Is it a mental deficiency I have, or the wiring of the human brain being deeply flawed, or something, I'm not really sure.

As Fourth of July approaches

  • I'm sick of patriotism.
  • I'm sick of nationalism.
  • I'm sick of war, of violence across the world on a course to apocalypse.
  • I'm sick of the state of international relations, where psychotics are in charge and want to kill each other for resources like this is 2 million B.C.
  • I'm sick of humanity's self-assuredness in the face of so many thigns going wrong and their own mistakes, as well as grander schemes of things.
  • I'm sick of ignorance.
  • I'm sick of stars and stripes and fireworks.
  • Im' sick of people, with their pettiness and opinions and hate and enjoyment and indifference.
  • I'm sick of extremism and oblivion.

Letter I sent to Wired

I am writing to complain about the latest issue of Wired,and its state. Because you guys have basically become a joke of Wired, and publishing things like Adam Savage and Angry nerd, and the way you speak of "pop culture" like trailers with no respect except your own evil amusement, you guys don't take anything seriously unless it's about your private files and the government. Plus, there is no straight technology anymore, you guys are of lifestyle now.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Zimmerman/Martin trial

No matter what the outcome of the trial of George Zimmerman, or what really did happen that night in 2012, all I will say is that Zimmerman did an incredibly stupid action, trailing a guy instead of letting the cops handle it. If it'd been that, Trayvon Martin would probably had been taken in, but still alive, and Zimmerman would be living his depressed and angry life. But instead, he decides to go all Charles Bronson in Death wish, or as Mack Bolan, and followed a guy who might not have been Martin, who could have been unarmed, or armed with a deadly weapon and killed Zimmerman instead of vice versa. All without any evidence, or plan or even thinking ahead. All to end up looking like a racist vigilante who fancies himself a watchman out of Alan Moore. God, what an idiot.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

International blog views

Okay, I am really starting suspect that all the views I've gotten are just by either some servers that are constantly running to generate spam, or something, because I am getting views from all over the planet, and all my referring urls are shady and illegitimate websites for spam and scams. So to you cybercriminals out there using my site to just send out junk, or whatever, if I find you, I will smash your servers and your faces in with a sledgehammer. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Observations and questions from day 4 of the Indiana trip

  • There was this Fairfield inn we stayed at where they ran out of food fast at the free breakfast, and the valets were short staffed and being jerks to each other while families waited for their cars. I nearly did yell at them, next time I will just start. Fight.
  • Why are we all here, instead of as like aquatic reptiles of the Triassic?
  • Why were the 50s and 60s so extreme times of anti communists and calling each other moon bats and such?
  • What if the Cold War was between the west and fascist nations instead of communism?
  • Why does so much of  the suburbs outside Chicago look like out of the Twilight Zone, or the Stepford Wives?
  • Why is national politics bipolar or tripolar or whatever the hell is and not a lot more complex or accurate in how humans think and such?
  • Will this world survive, or will it just die out against good judgement? And do we deserve to die, leaving behind a lifeless planet?
  • Why does Indiana have so many bikes and cemeteries?
  • What is fun and what is serious, what are those concepts now?
  • There are a lot of trees and forests and creeks in Indiana.
  • It feels like a revisit it high school in 2008 or so: idiots making the news and being left in charge, cynicism of the unseen middle class, and a malaise of some kind..
  • They need to release killer whales from being used as attractions, they should never have been captured for that purpose in the first place, it is cruel.
  • Why do people trust Paula Deen? Got diabetes, then continued selling a high fat and sugar diet that probably got her there in the first place.
  • Impeach Putin.
  • Humans seem to have an insatiable need for substances to take, from caffeine, to alcohol, to tobacco, to marijuana, to all sorts of drugs and such legal and illegal.
  • Is the death of the middle class really that much of a tragedy, or a blessing once you see behind the scenes into their everyday lives and minds, their real desires, the boring nothingness of suburban existence, and dark sides that never make the tales of how great middle America and small towns and traditional values are.
  • Is Diane Sawyer a Republican, given her association with Nixon?  Can she be trusted?
  • The LAUSD is one of the worst districts in the nation, and I say that from experience. Fifty percent dropout rate at the high school I went to(Fairfax), middle school where the kids were horrible jerks and bullies and thugs in private and in class, the special education department higher ups needed serious education and such in their jobs, some teachers that now in retrospect were insane: Mr. beigler, a geometry teacher who made rude " big man on campus" comments to students like me, mr. Gee, the English teacher who went on the reality tv show Solitary and stayed to win rather than teach, and later showed episodes from that show to home room students everyday, plus a seeming Bush-lover. The nihilistic chemistry teacher mr. Lee, gym teachers who just were hard asses, health teachers smoking outside (though he was aware of it). There were a lot of good teachers there too, Mr. Warhaftig, the history teacher Ms. Harris, the art magnet teachers, mr. Jolna, a little on the fence about mr. Hassett, et cetera. And that's what I remember or will say, these are minor to the stuff so many have to go through there.

Monday, June 17, 2013

After reading up on Wikileaks controversies(and on the Cold War) that opened a floodgate ofthoughts

It's hopeless, the situation, hackers and pirates trying to take over the internet for unapologetic digital utopia, versus governments and power players that try desperately for power in authoritarian ways, on the sidelines angry people prejudiced to both sides, and those who don't care, where everyone's a villain or a schemer or an idiot or a monster or just plain spiteful and gossiping behind someone's back under a veneer of kindness. It's a brutal, endless pattern, throughout history as of late, establishments, freedom fighters, armchair experts called pundits. And you wonder why humanity itself ever came into being in the first place or deserved it. The amazement of life coming into form and function out of primordial darkness, that such a creature could stand on two legs, invent, even travel to other worlds. And where are we. Warring, killing, mass murder, cheating, lying, stealing, shallowness, apathy, destruction. Young idealists, following Lenin or Ron Paul, to their dooms. Militarism, the degrading of life in the face of increased monolithic forces. The unceasign destruction of the environment and the natural world, people supporting the death of other lifeforms and species if it means they get profit. School departments of cities that can't figure out what's wrong with one kid and keeps making blunders. Bullies. Doubting if you're sane or not.People dying of preventable ailments rather than quit in the name of freedom. Millions of years of life, and yet all that matters is the next few years, the next big score, the keeping of a status quo like it's been for centuries when it has not been 10 years. Question to anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask: What's the correlation between Fawkes and wearing the mask as a protest for something? because I was reading up on it, apparently the Gunpowder Plot was assassinate the then-king in order to put a Catholic monarchy on the throne. Ironic. End line.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day's blog

Words I never want to hear ever again as descriptive in film or anything (Reasons such as that they are not apparent and no evidence form the films warrants that reaction except in the viewer's twisted mind):
  • Fun
  • Realism
  • Cartoonish
  • Over the top
  • Enjoyed
  • Opinion
  • Silly
  • Ridiculous
  • Inherently
  • "Popcorn" in that tone that it's said in
People I want arrested:
  • Rush Limbaugh
  • Glenn Beck
  • Rand Paul
  • The following bloggers: Julian Darius, Patrick Meaney, the patron Saint of Superheroes, and anyone on io9 or Comics Alliance (for being smug and closed-minded jerks), and a bunch of others
  • These two guys on Wrong Planet who took over a whole discussion on they Dark knight Rises trailer and turned it into a mutual handjob comment thread to each other on why the films are ot realistic (I will destroy them eventually, that or die inside and become their disciples)
  • Congress
  • Billionaire Fascists
  • Whoever in the LAUSD system in the 2000s kept me with the same aide for 5 years (ending with them looking as mean under the nice exterior and my own hopeless, helpless soul and mind)
  • The heads of state of a bunch of countires who are really corrupt
  • George H.W. Bush
  • A.O. Scott
  • Roger Ailes
  • Whoever is in charge of Yahoo news and the promoting of non-relevant stories
Probably not going or work or anything. I hate life, I hate modern times, I hate so many things going wrong in my life, so many things going wrong for everyone else, it's a very dark and chilled world in the summer heat and daylight savings time.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To anybody in Russia

Don't pass or listen to that anti-LGBT bill in the Duma, it will only end badly, so if sexual minorities become called enemies of the state and more and more get persecuted for crimes not committed, then I'll have to point out that sounds a lot like what the Nazis did to Jewish citizens and others "undesirables". You'd all become at least compared to the Nazis, the people who you lost so many lives defending against in the Great Patriotic War or World War 2 or whatever it's called around the world. Don't say you weren't warned.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tax scandal idea that will come back to haunt me

Instead of taking blame and such for the tax scrutiny scandal, what if the IRS started openly attacking the tea Party and their cryptofascist allies of the right wing, taking their power away to start rebuilding politics in the US?

A statement that could've been made in 2006

Rush Limbaugh went to the Dominican Republic for two things: to get Viagra, and to worship the deceased dictator Rafael Trujillo.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Santa Monica Shootings

Feel a mix of numbness and utter fear, since I've been a student at the college for several semesters, though I had the day off due to finals this week, the thought of being gunned down by a shooting suspect trying to escape police, in the library no less, is nerve-racking and sends a shiver down the spine.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Table of Contents for a Manifesto to be done some time later

1. Inroduction
2. Time, space, the universe, anthropocentrism, and a lot of other thigns
3.  Frustartions
4. Political reforms
 a. Recalling all members of Congress
 b. Downsizing the Department of Defense and reallocate its budget to needed areas
 c. Holding a symposium on how to change political ideologies after decades, or at least why out of so many possible results it's the same political ideas each time
 d. Finding out why so much of geopolitics is sociopathy and masculinity contests.
e. Taxing churches
5. Other ideas
 a. Taking away the money of people and corporations,  such as the Koch brothers, and putting it into public funds
 b. A conference on whether or not humanity itself deserves to survive
 c. Get rid of daylight savings time
 d. Banning the use of animals in circuses
 e. Creating an agency to replace current cities and suburbs with ecologically based and sustainable materials and layout
 f. Program to promote space exploration and futurological studies
 g.Investigating logging companies and replanting major ecologies
 h. Working worldwide and in nation on the rights and protection of indigenous peoples, tribes, and dying languages.
 i. Refomring the education system

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A short letter to the White House

I would like to ask that a fully peaceful solution to the war in Syria be taken without rising to the cause of arms and serving to establish American superiority in the world. If war becomes a necessary evil, then do it as a last resort to stop the bloodshed, the displacement, the human suffering as the old Killer Ape Theory and the words of Hobbes continue on. And also, please start changing the structure of foreign policy, I recommend the works of Buckminster Fuller.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Complaint about sites and ads

I hate how on Blogger, none of the referral URLs that the stats page actually link to the sites that supposedly are why today I had like 20 views in India, which is big considering I have an average per day of views between zero and one. Back to my point, it said I had traffic from a site called topblogstories.com, so imagine my surprise when I click on it and find not a site about blogs, but called "sex dating in LA" with nudes all about. As if it weren't bad enough when I kept getting banner ads for "Muslim singles", "christian singles", "geek 2 geek dating" and Anastasia Date, now it's... where was I? Oh yes, it was a summer night on the Caribbean, I was on my private yacht whilst entertaining such esteemed guests as Robert McNamara, Bob Guccione, and Hunter Thompson to the sounds of some Ramones tribute band I picked up in Italy when I was a spy there in the 1980s.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Two things

One, why is it all the page views to this blog seem to be coming in form Russia? I am curious about it and why.

Some of the stupid things people have fought over and thought up in recent years: Making flag burning into a big issue; nearly turning the FCC into a free-reign judge and executioner of morality and airwaves, all due to a nipple slip by accident; actually, that's all I have, a letdown is what his is.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

On news sites subscriptions

Normally I don't invovlve myself in stuff like this, but some little part of my brain is pushing, so here it is: They should get rid of subscriptions fees for news service websites, like where you have a limit of free articles, since information, wait, now I forget, stupid train of thought, frikkincantthink...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Follow-up_ A list of possible new candidates for Congress

-Sasha Grey (she's just barely legal old enough for the House)
-Actually, I don't have any idea of anyone else, I just wanted to make that pun.

A Proposal to recall all members of Congress

This would be on a petition website, except I know none of those ever work form experience, but anyway, it's quite simple, just have a special countrywide election in every state and congressional district, and elect new members to Congress if need be, if not all then at least the idiotic ones. It gets frustrating to have such things happen as in the last four years, with just a few examples here: Homer Simpsons look-alike Louis Gohmert, Todd Akin, Dana Rohrabacher on "dinosaur flatulence", the House Committee on sciences begin filled with people of zero scientific background, tons of blocking, I can go on but won't. Point is, since I don't want to leave humanity behind to live with nature and sanity only to go all Unabomber, I ask, with evidence in time, that Congress be recalled and a new one sworn in before the world ends with a bang and a whimper. Because I've spent 20 something years seeing stuff crumble around me, the incompetence and sense of futility from the 2000s, from the kid bullies in junior high school given free reign while the adults couldn't stop it, to the highest echelons of power; the power hunger and corruption in humans in those days, police officers in LA pulling over a friend of mine because she was Hispanic, the death of philosophy ( as I can tell) so on. And, I don't want humanity to kill itself out of procrastination and ignorance, don't want things on a dystopic track. This can at least be a start. No old faces, no psychotic newcomers from 2012 and 2010, but competent people.
Or if it doesn't work out, then i have a proposal for a global suicide pact to be enacted by 2016, if it's really a aimless and hopeless world, then just get it over. (This last part is a parody part, to be clear. Sort of.)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comics blog visit

Just went on Comics Alliance, a site I stopped visiting a while back, and going through it, made me remember why I quit it, the articles of bull and talking out the author's butts, an article on 90s X-Men that felt condescending. the saying of things sucking when it's not an attempt to warn people not to read something but just to show smug superiority, disrespect to material, probably colored by bad experiences on the site before, but still, that's what my brain keeps feeling and thinking...Am I still on?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A sleep-deprived last thought of the night

If you're a very machismo man who refuses to sue condoms, then just think of them as a sign of manliness,  shaped for your genitalia, and a sign of prowess. I'm not Dan Savage but...wait, what time is it, and how long have I been awake?

A letter to the bomber of the Boston marathon

Who are you? What are you?
Are you a man? Are you a monster?
Are you alone? Are you legion?
Are you lost? Are you found?
A cipher, to never be decrypted?

Why did you do what you did? Revenge?
To make a cause known? To send a message?
We don't know who you are, no one has claimed responsibility.
Is it that you just take joy in destruction, in creating and watching suffering and making the world

You killed three people,
injured hundreds.
Added another tally mark to a bloody year
of a bloody two decades
of a bloody history.
Los Angeles County
Must the list go on and on?
Are you the predecessor of a new breed
Or a relic of another age,
unable to get past anything without violence?

I do not wish for revenge be taken on you,
revenge will only continue the cycle
of bloodshed
and put more at the chopping board.
I do wish justice be served
and peace come to mind and world.
But all I want to know is

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Updated Comics Conference ideas

A Proposal for a Conference on Graphic Arts and Storytelling (and comic books and strips, too) (This is all just random now, brainstorming basically)
-Notable figures interviewed and given a Q&A by audience members (there's so many who could possibly attend, but my hope is Bill Watterson ,and Gilbert Shelton, and Daniel Clowes, and any surviving artists from the Golden Age)
-Exhibitions and discussions on comics from outside the United States
--Anywhere else
-The Art of Black and White
-The Effect and Legacy of the Cold War on Comics
-The Effect of the Bush years on the comics world
-Will Eisner Retrospective
-Tables for freeform talking amongst professionals, attendees, and any dreamers out there without experience but with ideas
-Noir comics
-The age of technology we live in, and future speculations on how it could change the field, such as in publishing and editing
-A room for trading and selling volumes of material and art supplies
 Commercialization and corporations
-Several conference long marathons of screening movies and TV shows based on comics and such.
--DCAU series
--Old serials
--The Incredible Hulk TV series from the 70s
--Dark Knight Trilogy
-Setting up local presses in your home town
-Explore new areas of subject matter
-Debate: Watchmen: Boon or hindrance to comics? (Or maybe, to go along with it, is it good or overrated, you decide while our panelists go at it)
-Something to do with MIT
-Learn art techniques
-An all-digital world
-Public perceptions
-Perceptions of the makers
-Symposium on fandom
-Have the Ohio State University Billy Ireland Library send reps (if they want)
-Symposium: SHould we make softcore porno comics? (To see if anyone's reading this post)
-A discussion with Mad Magazine staffers and veterans, to go over the history and future of the publication)
-Symposium: Starting a comics revolution in analogy to the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s?
-Alternative comics
-3-D printing
-Fractal forms of graphic novels
-Appreciation of Joe Kubert
-"From Page to Screen; The rise and fall of Fritz the Cat" and debate on the film as well (Thanks to commenter red_locker for the idea)
-The Tao of Graphic Novels

Again, if you read this, please, please put your own ideas below and I'll see what is appropriate and such. I'll be back in a few days to put up an actual refined draft, and anyone who comments might get their idea up here.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Obscure Author Appreciation Week

This week, in honor of so many writers and authors who have faded away or never even made it, I suggest you try to look them up, buy their works instead of big name people, there's whole untapped literary worlds out there.

Also, I have not done any work on the comics conference proposal, had too many things going on at the moment.

And now, some music:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvTfN2gjDvU (So it won't be taken down from here)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

A message from Nick to present and future generations

This is a message (see title if you really didn't pay attention) to no one in particular: It's tiring to be so amazed by stuff in life, from the cool new trailers for this summer, to the scale of nature, only to have it all messed up by some idiots you stumble your way into. Don't know what I was trying to say there, but the message is this: When it comes to comics, movie reviewers, snarky people who love proving their superiority, or even define, then ignore or question them and their authority on such matters. if someone says that something amazing is "absurd popcorn fun", question them upfront, or ignore, imagine yourself deep in cinema itself, or something, let the work speak for itself and/or don't even define or downsize it into words and connotations, or care about it, have a fresh slate and an open mind, something.

I really wish I wasn't writing this, but it gets annoying when the world keeps boiling down, things stop being amazing or anything, and all that's left is the white noise of people on the internet, on comics blogs and new sites and so on, not being concerned with a bigger world, instead complaining out loud about how some film will be a trainwreck for them to mock, or do reviews as they are self-proclaimed experts, I don't know I've run out of things to say.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Warped News of the Day

From the Warped Twisted newsroom in beautiful smoggy Los Angeles.
  •  Anonymous bemoans verdict of Ohio football player rape case, stating "What will we do, now that there's a case of justice working?"
  • Mitt Romney appears at CPAC, is immediately torn limb from limb by attendees to prevent further embarrassment.
  • Sarah Palin gets applause, diabetes from drinking 300 oz. Big Gulp at conference podium
  • Stalker who shot baseball player in 1949 dead
  • You're not high (or you probably are), there are people who still believe in colonialism out there, and they want to bring it back after all these years.
  • In general, the world is still getting screwed over, economics all over hitting lows, the environment destroyed for short-term gratification, jerks in school still existing, and reading news such as this that make you want to drink booze and smoke weed until your brain cells start shooting each other for fun.
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random free-floating ideas for a proposal for a graphic arts conference

A Proposal for a Conference on Graphic Arts and Storytelling (and comic books and strips, too) (This is all just rnadom now, brainstorming basically)
-Notable figures interviewed and given a Q&A by audience members (there's so many who could possibly attend, but my hope is Bill Watterson ,and Gilbert Shelton, and Daniel Clowes, and any survivng artists from the Golden Age)
-Exhibitions and discussions on comics from outside the United States
--Anywhere else
-The Art of Black and White
The Effect and Legacy of the Cold War on Comics
-The Effect of the Bush years on the comcis world
-Will Eisner Retrospective
-Tables for freeform talking amongst professionsal,s attendees, and any dreamers otu there without experience but with ideas
-Noir comics
-The age of technology we live in, and future speculations on how it could change the field, such as in publishing and editing
-A room for trading and selling volumes of material and art supplies
 Commericalization and corporations
-Several conference long marathons of screening movies and TV shows based on comics and such.
--DCAU series
--Old serials
--The Incredible Hulk TV series from the 70s
--Dark Knight Trilogy
-Setting up local presses in your home town
-Explore new areas of subject matter
-Debate: Watchmen: Boon or hindrance to comics? (Or maybe, to go along with it, is it good or overrated, you decide while our panelists go at it)
-Learn art techniques
-An all-digital world
-Public perceptions
-Perceptions of the makers
-Symposia on fandom
-Have the Ohio State University Billy ireland Library send reps (if they want)
-Symposium: SHould we make softcore porno comcis? (This should attract a large number of people, since sex sells after all)
-A discussion with Mad Magazine staffers and veterans, to go over the history and future of the publication)
-Sympoium: Starting a comics revolution in analogy to the microcmputer rwevolution of the 1970s?
-Alternative comics
-3-D printing
-New forms of graphic novels

This can be useful for anyone who, like me, will not be going to COmic-Con or its other conventions this year, and whatever else reason you might have.

If you read this, please, please put your own ideas below and I'll see what is appropriate and such. I'll be back in a few days to put up more refined draft, and anyone who comments might get their idea up here.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Thoughts on lifeforms

I'm still thinking that there once was a spark of potential in the life on Earth, a planet where a small species could eventually grow, mature, into a species capable of great things. But before that happened, humans came along and basically made a toilet all over the chances for any species to do that. And if you think that's unfounded, go on a My Little Pony fanfic forum, and remember that you share nearly 100% genetic material with those guys.
(If you're wondering why I keep putting My Little Pony fanfic jokes in, it's because it's like searching for mud in a comedy riverbed and finding gold nuggets.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Nick Scroggs Incredibly Long List of Very Short Books

(Before any of you ask, yes it's a take-off of Mad magazine's Library of Extremely Thin Books, but it works nonetheless).
  • My Contributions to Italian-American Culture by Snooki
  • Reasonable Arguments for Gun Control by Wayne LaPierre
  • What Oil Companies Are Doing About The Spike in Gas Prices
  • Why I and my Son are Not Joke Candidates by Ron Paul
  • My Principles by Mitt Romney
  • How to Create Reality TV Shows about Regular People - The Bravo Network
  • The Great Future Ahead for Honey Boo Boo
  • A Critical Study of My Little Pony;Friendship is Magic Fandom (though given the output of such publishers as MacFarland books this probably would go on for a few thousand pages)
  • Quality Fan Fiction on the Internet
  • Justice and Fairness in Arizona Immigration Policy
  • Why I Love The President's Current Policies by Glenn Beck
  • The Taylor Swift Discography Volume 2, Songs Not About Breaking Up
  • Fair and Nonjudgemental Discussions in the Comics Fandom World
  • Why Society Needs People Like Feminaz-I mean feminists, Fagg-I mean Gay Persons, Kenyans I mean Presidents, ack, I can't take it anymore! If you're not a reactionary, bloated, balding, rich white male who smokes phallic cigars, go get Parkinson-AIDS and Die! by Rush Limbaugh (Yeah, we knew it wasn't going to work, but give him a hand for trying, folks!)
  • Bipartisan Successes in my First term by Barack Obama
  • A Full List of All Our Names and Personal Info - Anonymous
  • The Competency of the CIA
  • The Modesty and Honesty of Vladimir Putin
  • A History of Integrity in Florida Politics by Jeb Bush, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Josue Larose
  • Openness in the Chinese Government
  • Ai Weiwei's Clean Mouth
  • Ways to Get Famous in Stand-Up Comedy Without Dying Young, Winning Awards, or Having a Massive Fanbase of Idiots (naw, that's just a low blow)
  • A History of Sanity in Los Angeles
  • How To Tell The News Without Being Pretty, Blond, or White- Megyn Kelly
  • Why My Blogging Will Change The World by Nick Scroggs

Friday, February 15, 2013

Vietnam MGM

Apparently there will be an MGM Grand resort in Vietnam opening soon. I can make a joke about the Hanoi Hilton, but since it would be disrespectful to veterans, I'll just point out instead the irony that that Vietnam spent most of the 20th century fighting Western powers such as France and the US, wars there led to the downfall in reputation and standing of those countries, millions of people died fighting there, and today they are allowing a hyper-capitalist casino resort full of drunken Western tourists to be built. It's ironic, or something.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Comics notes

I guess I just mentally work on a different plane than most people on the web into comics, like stuff like "reality or unreality" or cultural consciousness, or taking time and persuasion for buying into stuff, etc., just never crosses my mind, and it gets really confusing when people start talking like that,
or stuff like broad strokes or mediums or all this stuff, I can't wrap my head around what all these people are saying, and it's frustrating. And things like where i think we're on the same page about why people shouldn't be hating on something, like a new interpretation of Star Trek, but then they list things like "action movie to=ropes" and "they hate its.. fun", stuff that was never even on brain when i saw it, I guess I'm just an enigma, or an anomaly, or taking the films literally in their worlds without cultural or social or geek culture context or something. Maybe it's a kind of mental convergent evolution that is unraveling.
And finally, please stop using "comic book" as an umbrella term/adjective, it's annoying( and limiting I guess). (PS, Seriously, how in the demiurge of Gosticism was the 2009 Star Trek goofy? Who uses that such language?)

The Barfight in High Heels (a made-up story)

     It was a Friday night, a few months ago, and I was working on building a model of the castle from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (made from cafeteria glop and toenail clippings), when a friend of mine (whom I will refer to as "Syd") called and asked me if I wanted to go out with him and his friends to go clubbing in West Hollywood, as one of their friends was ill. And I said "sure, why not", I had to go to West Hollywood anyway to return  what I had been told was a Gremlin, but turned out to be a sex toy of a certain organ covered in hair (curiously, it still moved on its own and ate everything in the mini-fridge).
     So we arrange for me to be picked up outside my San Vicente apartment, barring any traffic accidents form cars taking a wide angle onto Wilshire, and I get picked up in his Mercedes, and he has 3 lady friends in the back seat, until I get in and realize they're all guys in drag, and pulling it off really well I might add. So then I realized I was going clubbing with drag queens, and me and Syd are the only ones not dressed up, heading for some club in West Hollywood, completely out of my league here, although all five of us somehow got into the club or bar, or something, I wasn't paying attention to the place's name.
     Syd left for the bathroom, and I stuck to the group, who I'll call "John", "Sean", and "Tom", for a few minutes in awkward conversation. After I tried to relate by asking about their favorite women to dress up as (only Sean replied, saying "Tootsie"), I rushed for the bathroom to avoid their glares and take a leak of Mountain Dew and root beer. See, there was to be a urinating contest over at where I go to college, and us competitors all had a lot to drink at lunch to increase our chances of winning. Then campus security spotted us at the arena grounds (a quad outside the women's dorms), and we ran for it. Some of us like me managed to get away and forget about it, but a few brave souls didn't make it, arrested because they couldn't hold it in. They will be missed.
     So that's how I ended up in the restroom at the bar/club. As I was washing my hands, this guy comes up to me and starts asking me if I was new here, and I replied yes, and then he asked about who I'm here with, i said a bunch of drag queens out of a misunderstanding. So then he asks if i want to leave with him, I see he's hitting on me, and use the old tactic of "Who would win in a fight, the Hulk or Godzilla?" It worked yet again, scared him off the rest of the night (still not sure why it works, it's a legitimate question).
     I leave the restroom, go back out to the main room, and head for the bar for a white wine spritzer, where I see this foxy lady, a real feminine figure in high heels, black revealing dress, and long natural hair, who is facing away from me. But I still thank Cthulu that someone brought what's known in the common vernacular as a "fag hag", and I go up to her. I give a line about how glad I am there's someone in a dress besides the drag queens I'm with, but the voice that responds is masculine. She turn around, and to my horror I was hitting on Syd. Turns out he left for the bathroom to get changed, his street clothes were in the Louis Vutton purse he was carrying.
     Just then, when I thought the night couldn't get any worse, it did. A bunch of guys in drag started harassing Syd's friends, and Syd explained to me they were a rival gang of drag queens trying to make this area of West Hollywood part of their turf. The Garter Snakes they're called, apparently, I found out afterwards, they're like this one chapter of this international league of cross dressers that's been around for centuries, with chapters all around, from internationally today to Han Dynasty China to Bolshevik Russia to possibly prehistory. But these guys went rogue from the league after World War 1, creating a rival organization looking to control the arts of cross dressing. It was they who back in the 20s at their lair in the Himalayas taught their secrets to the mysterious 1930s vigilante the Black Dress. But then these Garter Snakes themselves broke off in the 1960s, with the expressed aim of taking over the world over time, and now they are the enemy of both their progenitor league, and the league Syd and company belonged to.
     Syd rushed over to the groups, explaining that this was not their turf, but the Garters looked ready to fight rather than leave. So I rushed in between the two groups, and tried to be diplomatic about it; unfortunately, it turns out that saying "You all have a right to dress in women's clothes and hook up with each other" was not the right thing to say, nor even accurate, and pretty soon those Garters were ready to pummel me. Which was fine, since I came from a long line of pugilists anyway. My
ancestors from Scotland and Ireland fought for the entertainment of Victorian English noblemen in their gentleman's clubs for cheese, until they were thrown out of Great Britain for impregnating the upper class men's wives and daughters and mothers. One of my grandfathers was a street fighter on the mean streets on Indianapolis, being hired to lose fights in order to make the other fighters feel better. And my parent's wedding reception climaxed with relatives from both sides getting loaded on Old Crow and brawling with each other until one last guy knocked himself out. So I was ready, put up my fists in the old time boxing tradition, took a swing at the beefy guy with the goatee and Chanel pink suit, missed and hit John instead, then the fight began.
     It's not every day you get into a barfight with their rival gang, especially one in a gay bar over a centuries' long rivalry between two secret societies of drag queens, but it happened, and I was there. The place became chaos, I probably knocked three people out with vodka bottles, two with a chair, and took I'd say 30 punches and kicks all around. But it somewhat ended as I saw the remaining Garters had cornered Syd and them, and I ran toward them, slammed into the leader and punched him into the ground, allowing the guys to knock out the rest, before we fled as the cops raided the place for rioting or something.
The car ride home was great, we were all sore and bleeding, but my move to save them earned me respect, and Syd said I was now one of the greats, saved their lives and helped take down the Garter Snakes of West Hollywood, notwithstanding the fact I helped start the fight, but whatever. I get dropped off, head up into the apartment, and find that the hairy sex toy had broken loose and cleaned out the fridge.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Final exam from last year question

To anyone who is or was a student in college, last year I had a final exam that was over an hour later because the instructor was over an hour late. Some of the students including me said that since the instructor was late, we wouldn't have to take the exam, but we did anyway. My question is, has anyone ever had that happen, and should we have taken the exam?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Now that 2012 is a month in the past...

I would like to make an exception that proves the rule, and by that I mean make a post that I'll do off the bat, letting petty business and excess emotion and rage take over instead of my higher brain and such, I'll regret doing this later, and it'll fade into obscurity after a few minutes, but I'll post it anyway to get it off my chest. Something like that, I don't know.  And I'll use euphemisms to help.
Here it goes: Frak Mitt Romney, frak Rick Santorum, frak Newt Gingrich, frak Ron Paul, frak Rand Paul, frak Michele Bachmann, frak hypermasculinty, frak Rush Limbaugh, frak Karl Rove, frak Todd Akin, frak frak Comics Alliance, frak the Patron Saint of Sueprheroes, frak the exploitation and destruction of native peoples around the world, frak the Tea party, frak corporate fascism, frak militias, frak Aspergers "curebies", frak the incompetence of the public and private school systems, frak Julian Darius of SequArt with his arrogant D-bag photos and writing style, frak conspiracy theorists, frak bloggers, and frak me too.
There you go, and please no angry comments or anything, this is one time only, I hope.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Bookmarks and history I found while looking on y computer

I'm going through old bookmarks on the computer, and there's like a million of them, but I'm putting some here that I don't know why I bookmarked them, or if I do, then I'm surprised it's there. And I'm posting them all here because there's some that might prove useful to someone else, and I'm bored:
http://geekfeminism.org/2012/02/09/the-geek-social-fallacies-of-sex/ (This one is still a mystery, but i think it was a link on Something Awful one day when I was sick so much I was semi-conscious)

And if you look at these and decide to judge or send me morre links like these, or even to put advertising on this site, please don't, unless you sign up for the Church of Scamology, of course.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

School days memories Part I:Elementary and Junior High(Middle school)

I mostly have bad memories of public school, not for the learning experience, or the good people in students and teachers there, but all I can remember (unless shown photos or something) is a lot of the bad stuff from those days. And in the interests of my own psyche that finally wants to open up these to complete strangers viewing on their computer screens (in a break from taking in porn or complaining about films they've never seen), I will now start a list of these things I remember:

-Elementary school, there were moments where I would eat a lunch of a butter sandwich (because they were delicious to my young taste buds), and then get mocked by a chorus of older kids singing "bread and butter, bread and butter", I don't even know why. Or other times where I got made fun of for watching Digimon when Pokemon was in.
-Although in retrospect, much of the bad stuff in elementary was me doing stuff and not thinking I'd get in trouble, such as cutting my own hair with safety scissors during an art assignment (Don't remember why I did that).
-Things got worse going to middle school. I hated middle school, and the following items will be of that time until I go onto high school.
-The kids were much meaner and nastier, I know some were mean and nasty in elementary, but most of the time it may have been harmless (such as singing "I believe I can die, I got shot by the FBI") unless it me being made fun of. But middle school,  it was terrible. The kids I hung out with at the YMCA after school center were often smiling bullies, frequently taking advantage of my naivete so I did such things as say swear words in Spanish, or one scary day where they tricked me into getting onto a public bus with no knowledge of its route when I complained of how the Y's van was taking hours to get to pick us up, I nearly got lost until I got to the Y. They were all kins of kids, some nice guys who disappeared after a while, to middle class kids who were almost out of a stereotype manual, to big thugs and plain mean guys who loved making fun of me for things such as my talking about oldies music.
-Also there was a ton of random kids at the school who made fun of me, or tricked me. Jerks who would start picking on me after school even though I never met them, and my attempts to reply back with insults like "Get bent" made them respond that I was hitting on them. Kids who would suddenly hide under my umbrella on rainy days without permission(because we all had to wait outside the buildings before lunch ended). After school kids waiting for And this seeming conspiracy of kids, who after school would yell stuff that for some reason made me angry (such as the phrases "Nicky's hair" and "Happy Birthday"), then run for it, and though I did attempt to fight back using my bookbag as a weapon, they were always too fast and superior in every way to me. There were times where waiting for the Y van, I would get picked on in full sight of the kids waiting for their parents to ick them up, and a bunch of YMCA kids and others tortured me with things like threatening me with "pepper spray" that was actually candy spray, and no one stood up for me.
-And then there was this one guy named Angelo, he was one grade below me, yet a foot taller, this big meathead with rosy cheeks, Neanderthal brow, and buzzcut, he would always treat me as a target and openly mock me, talking own to me, and on a ton of occasions imitating my young voice, which was stated to sound like a giraffe. it's been years, details are fuzzy, but I lived in fear.
-There were good teachers though, but the school system itself sucked, because i did complain about these kids, very often, but only one was ever caught. It left me very cynical and untrusting of people, knowing that the kids were hiding from trouble in plain sight. They were monsters under those John Burroughs uniforms, and yes I'm saying the name of the school, because that name still burns in me as a scar.
-And this might not mean anything, but I do remember a lot of the kids during the school year and summer day camp playing illegally downloaded music and playing bootleg DVDs for the whole center.

When I come up with more stuff that I don't have a memory for off the bat, I'll continue this post. In the end, I don't know the causes of all this except within myself, but I do wish for a reform of the school system here in the United States, these might all be examples of unnoticed factors that mean the States have been going downhill in academics compared to other countries (not trying to be a nationalist or patriotic, just want to help prevent future catastrophe and unhappiness, if applicable).

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Question and Rorschach

Rorschach was based on the Question. But then in the 80s, the Question reads Watchmen and sees Rorschach. Two things, one, why doesn't the universe implode from that meta-loop, and two, what if other Charlton characters or DC figures (such as Superman) were reading their parent company's other publications and imprints? (I envision Animal Man reading his own comics reading is own comics ad infinitum.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A typical blog post: Stuff I hate

It gets annoying every freaking time that someone says that superheroes are "fundamentally absurd", "inherently ridiculous", "apogee of unreality", et cetera, especially when they give the connotation that it's the only thing out there that they think is absurd, singling it out, like nothing else exists but their perfect world and the superhero stories to be mocked even though they exist. Article writers, scientists, even the writers themselves (Alan Moore), it gets frustrating and annoying.
(Yes, i am aware there are better uses of time and life than this, but I had to get it off my back.)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Update on the Church of Scamology

The Church is taking an indefinite hiatus due to a variety of factors that were out of my control, such as some investors arrested for a counterfeit placebo ring; the editor of the postponed website turning out to be a not a ghostly white face in a mirror, but some guy with an unknown agenda who's gone underground, last sighted in Belize; and the chosen pastor apparently has been abducted by aliens. So sorry about it, but please, keep on sending the money.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Rebuttal to Alex Jones

Two things: One, there are so many things to make fun of in Alex Jones, the radio host and King of the Hill reject, but as a sometimes-avid reader of history, the parts of his rants about tyrants taking guns got me thinking how inaccurate he is. And two, this is a neutral as possible informal post, so there's no citations or anything, and I am by no means being an authority on the subject here, and for all I know this post could be inaccurate without me knowing it. or something. Anyway, here it is:
The American Revolutionary War began in 1775, and enemies of the British such as the French were supplying weapons to the Patriots; meanwhile there were a number of loyalists who wanted to stay under British rule, not everyone was taking up arms. Hitler, he was popular and legally elected, taking advantage of the Weimar republic's weakened state from the Great Depression; plus, many Germans probably did not own personal firearms at the time, although there were also many paramilitary groups in 1930s Germany from across the political spectrum, but that's enough on Hitler for this. Stalin, had the might of the Soviets on his side to purge millions of people, and probably the only people around in the Soviet Union for a really long time to have firearms, and also had the gulags. Mao, during the early years of the People's Republic didn't take away guns, but rather used campaigns of purging and getting people to rat out others, and there were some counter-revolutionary rebellions that did exist with weapons, at least in the 50s I'm guessing. Castro, apparently he has loved guns since he was a kid, don't know how that's relevant but couldn't hurt. And Hugo Chavez, I haven't done any research since I'm nervous I'll find scary shouting posts on Google and not a single statistics chart.
Okay, didn't turn out as well as I thought, but I think the point is clear. Or not, so I'll spell it out: I couldn't find anything on stealing guns away to prevent being overthrown, and the statements made in his CNN interview show an awful ignorance to history and factors such as cultural context.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alex Jones Speaks Out Against Rise of the Patriots(A satirical news article))

Making headlines once again after earlier this week where he traveled back to the 1930s while yelling at Piers Morgan on CNN, psychotic conspiracy theorist and part-time Ugly American stereotype Alex Jones is speaking out against the threat represented by the Patriots, a secret cabal that ruled the world in secret in the Metal Gear game franchise. Said Mr. Jones on hi radio show, "We have lived long enough in the shadow of these Patriots, who use the name to fool you into thinking they are patriotic, when actually patriots are people like me, who know the risks posed by foreigners such as commies and Orientals. They wanna put these tiny nanomachines doo-hickeys into every gun so that no one can fire them! Well, I say that we should destroy them all, and take steps to give every American training in battle like this Solid Snake (a real American hero, by the way), and personal Metal Gear robots for everyone! Let the government try to take away 300 million walking tanks, they won't, and the world is safe. In the meantime, I'm waiting for Grand Theft Auto 5, so I can kill some of those Los Angeles types who hate guns." After this, there was varying reactions from all sides, Glenn beck said something, but since he's an irrelevant hate-monger, it wasn't important. And Piers Morgan was sighted buying a  China Lake Grenade Launcher, his reason being "If he comes back to finish me off since I can't be dpeorted on his orders, I'll be ready" Representatives of Mr. Jones have no idea how he got his hands on the Metal Gear games,  which it turns out are very anti-war.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nixon's Birthday

 Today is Richard Nixon's 100th birthday. And all I think about is how in Watchmen he sent Dr Manhattan to Vietnam, thus really affecting history and repealing the 22nd amendment. (Apparently, he was chosen as a way to savagely mock Reagan, as Alan Moore said "No one is going to argue that Nixon is scum", or something like that, which is funny because I was going on CNN, which had an article about how Nixon could be a new model for the GOP, but anyway I'm getting off topic.) What was I talking about? Oh yes, Watchmen. I wonder what G. Gordon Liddy would react to how he was the inspiration for the Comedian? Probably by assassinating Alan Moore. Anyway, that makes me wonder what would happen if you gave criminals copies of Watchmen, how would they react? Would they slam it for being unsympathetic or inaccurate to criminal life? And who would win in a fistfight, Stan Lee or some blogger guy who sits all day reading comcis then saying the comics suck and that he is great?
Ed. note: Sorry, I was playing backgammon with Khloe Kardashian, someone called me to edit this post? I'd love to, but I'm on break.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Generations (No, not the Star Trek movie)

Here's a post that will be the apogee of blogging, as it's formed in an impulsive few seconds without any editor, and will probably be regretted by tomorrow morning: I'm in a way glad not to be part of the cultural generation timeline, I mean I have grandparents of the Silent Generation, not sure of my parents, but I'm neither Generation X nor Millennial (I think, not know), and it's good because I didn't get involved with the shared path of so many of my school peers (from elementary and middle school, mostly), such as short hair. Although a lot of that might explain why I was always picked on, is it so wrong to be reading instead of using school computers to download bootleg music?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Thoughts on the late 60s and today

Been reading a book on my shelf of journalism during the Vietnam War, and as I reached the section on domestic turmoil, I couldn't help but think of how different it is to about 2012 to 2013. Like how construction workers, nicknamed "hard hats", were able to go around in New York and smash in the faces of students, and rather than arrested, they became a political force. Or the backlash to the Kent State shooting, where citizens wrote in and suggested vigilante action against anyone with long hair. Representations of the people being fought in the far-off, great, I lost my train of thought, I swear I had more. Oh well, I leave you with this post.
Edit: Also, how blue-collar workers brawled right when their jobs would become obsolete with robots? Nope, now I'm trying to tap a well without water. Good night.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breaking News From Provo, Utah

This just in from our cracked news team in Salt Lake City, apparently Brigham Young University is editing their rules on abstinence for its students to exempt the Japanese-originated brothel practice known as Soapland. Says University spokesman Irving Prescott Freely, "We want our student body to abide by the honor code, but realize that if they strictly follow it, their brains will explode. So, after one of our students was caught with a video of the practice, we all got together and thought that it'd be the perfect solution, since they technically aren't engaging in extramarital sex, and logically are not sinning, and thus is within the rules." For those of you who want to know what this practice is, but wisely don't trust internet search engines, here's a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soapland (By the way, that's the magic of Wikipedia, two pages before that I was looking for a page on audio-visual clubs, then thanks to clicking on the wrong link I wound up there.)
(Note:This is not a real news item. But if you pass it on as a real one, then go for it, that'd be hilarious.)

Friday, January 4, 2013

On Steroids

I hope that baseball players and other athletes stop taking anabolic steroids, because of the unethical and illegal aspects, as well as IT Does Not Make You Stronger, You Overpaid Idiots! It's not like if you take them, you'll become the Hulk, or Captain America, or even Hourman! GAAAAHHHHH!!!!(Sorry, on a bit of a sugar rush from eating gummi candies, ironically now am pumped and READY TO KICK ASS!)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Things I want gone in 2013 (A humorous-ish list)

-Fox News
-Rush Limbaugh
-The Kardashians
-TV Tropes
-Skinny jeans
-Any elected official who believes the only place for endangered birds is on a menu at their country club.
-Excessive food at Denny's, such as the Bacon Sundae.
-A number of blogs taken away from loudmouths who believe themselves high-and-mighty experts.
-Condescending cultural critics
-Paranormal Activity movies
-The current president of Syria
-Anyone who is considering a run for the presidency in 2016
-The two-party system
-Conspiracy theorist gym teachers
-A lack of journalistic integrity
-People who do lists of what they hate and wish were gone in the next year while ignoring the optimistic potential of other things.
(P.S.-Sorry if it didn't turn out funny, but you guys read this without paying, so no refund, ha ha!)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last word on The Science of Superheroes

In retrospect, I never should have trusted that book, even back when I first got it. Due to such things as the authors naming the Hulk "This Man, This Monster", despite that any comics fan would know that's the name of the famous Fantastic Four storyline about the Thing. And calling Donald Duck by Carl Barks a superhero, and not once even acknowledging his Italian alter ego PK, and who knows how many inaccuracies are in there. That's all.

Monday, December 31, 2012

New year

I'm going to start over this new year, and I'm going to start by saying that I promise myself not to go on sites that will probably be no longer releveant anyway for reasons or another (ex. Comics Alliance, io9, The Patron Saint of Superheroes, TV tropes, certain comics forums where orthodoxy and such are to be mandatory and everyone else derided(such as one on Watchmen where they make fun of their reading material like it's ingrained and natural), I can go on but won't).

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 21, 2012

If the world ends tomorrow, I would like to say my two regrets are not getting a driver's license, and not getting around to self-publishing a graphic novel, i had tons of free time in between school, and yet I did nothing. But f it doesn't end, then I shall go up to a 2012 believer on December 22 and do the most annoying laugh right to their face.

58 years

It's been 58 years since Seduction of the Innocent by Wertham was published, and I'm wondering if comic books and their derivatives are any better off than they were than back in the 50s (not meaning financially, but in public and private perception, that stuff). And if it's not comic books, then would it be video games, as a new scapegoat and/or target of derision?

Thoughts on a day trip

It's disheartening, planning a trip to UCLA to check it out, finding your way to the science library so you can check up on old aerospace periodicals, going there by intrinsic motive, and then seeing the graffiti drawn in pen on the reading desks, the cleanest one I can say was a dragon flipping off a knight, and a line saying to a block of text "whoever wrote this is a nerd!".

Monday, December 17, 2012

On The Science of Superheroes books

This is going to bug me all winter if I don't say anything, but the book The Science of Superheroes from years ago is a disappointing book. There, it weighed so much but slid off easily once typed. I thought it would be a great book, but it left me almost hopeless, the authors being condescending and making frequent errors about the comics, pardon the word, super-judgemental, come off as armchair experts who self-aggrandize and use the word "logic" very indiscriminately. I could go on, but it all screams a 2000s worldview, where everything's trained to be bollocks (taken from a Red Dwarf episode), and there's nothing but a post-meta-modern thing on everything, and it's all ridicule, or considered "modern mythology"(which sounds annoying anyway), there's no care, no enthusiasm, no imagination or filling in the blanks, I can go on, but I'm not happy writing this and want to not be involved at all, with all this. And on James Kakalios, it just comes off as a jerk move to go into The Physics of Superheroes, give it so full of life and hope, and then ruin it by being a total jerk with the words "inherently ridiculous", you no-good, I trusted you!