Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A letter to the bomber of the Boston marathon

Who are you? What are you?
Are you a man? Are you a monster?
Are you alone? Are you legion?
Are you lost? Are you found?
A cipher, to never be decrypted?

Why did you do what you did? Revenge?
To make a cause known? To send a message?
We don't know who you are, no one has claimed responsibility.
Is it that you just take joy in destruction, in creating and watching suffering and making the world

You killed three people,
injured hundreds.
Added another tally mark to a bloody year
of a bloody two decades
of a bloody history.
Los Angeles County
Must the list go on and on?
Are you the predecessor of a new breed
Or a relic of another age,
unable to get past anything without violence?

I do not wish for revenge be taken on you,
revenge will only continue the cycle
of bloodshed
and put more at the chopping board.
I do wish justice be served
and peace come to mind and world.
But all I want to know is

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