Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Updated Comics Conference ideas

A Proposal for a Conference on Graphic Arts and Storytelling (and comic books and strips, too) (This is all just random now, brainstorming basically)
-Notable figures interviewed and given a Q&A by audience members (there's so many who could possibly attend, but my hope is Bill Watterson ,and Gilbert Shelton, and Daniel Clowes, and any surviving artists from the Golden Age)
-Exhibitions and discussions on comics from outside the United States
--Anywhere else
-The Art of Black and White
-The Effect and Legacy of the Cold War on Comics
-The Effect of the Bush years on the comics world
-Will Eisner Retrospective
-Tables for freeform talking amongst professionals, attendees, and any dreamers out there without experience but with ideas
-Noir comics
-The age of technology we live in, and future speculations on how it could change the field, such as in publishing and editing
-A room for trading and selling volumes of material and art supplies
 Commercialization and corporations
-Several conference long marathons of screening movies and TV shows based on comics and such.
--DCAU series
--Old serials
--The Incredible Hulk TV series from the 70s
--Dark Knight Trilogy
-Setting up local presses in your home town
-Explore new areas of subject matter
-Debate: Watchmen: Boon or hindrance to comics? (Or maybe, to go along with it, is it good or overrated, you decide while our panelists go at it)
-Something to do with MIT
-Learn art techniques
-An all-digital world
-Public perceptions
-Perceptions of the makers
-Symposium on fandom
-Have the Ohio State University Billy Ireland Library send reps (if they want)
-Symposium: SHould we make softcore porno comics? (To see if anyone's reading this post)
-A discussion with Mad Magazine staffers and veterans, to go over the history and future of the publication)
-Symposium: Starting a comics revolution in analogy to the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s?
-Alternative comics
-3-D printing
-Fractal forms of graphic novels
-Appreciation of Joe Kubert
-"From Page to Screen; The rise and fall of Fritz the Cat" and debate on the film as well (Thanks to commenter red_locker for the idea)
-The Tao of Graphic Novels

Again, if you read this, please, please put your own ideas below and I'll see what is appropriate and such. I'll be back in a few days to put up an actual refined draft, and anyone who comments might get their idea up here.

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