Thursday, July 11, 2013

More on the 2000s

Don't miss that decade, i sincerely don't, and here's more reasons to it:
  • The uproars and fanning of what was called a culture war when one didn't exist.
  • The rise of the superpundit and pseudo-experts, selling books demonizing others or doing sound-bytes that seized your mind so you shelled out cash for their terrible advice.
  • Gossip and secret talk by people you thought were nice or good people.
  • Spider-Man 3
  • The way ethical and moral and other issues were talked about like they were permanent when research shows that in 3 years they'll be replaced by something else and become a product of the times rather than timeless.
  • The lack of oversight and effort given on a lot of the teachers and students in the LAUSD.
  • Reality TV that was scripted compeltely.
  • The status quo of political divide.
  •  The chaos of pop culture academic blogs that just write essays terribly that possibly started with the aftermath of The dark Knight.
  • The rise of spree shooters.
  • Gel-spiked hair.
  • Materialism.
  • At this point I'm typing on fumes and what-not, bye.

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