Monday, July 8, 2013

A bunch of topics in one post

  •  Why do people like hunting for sport, what's gotten from shooting an animal that isn't trying to kill you, or isn't needed to kill for food?
  • Idea for petition: Taking money from corporations such as Monsanto, BP, General Dynamics, Bain, and so on, they don't need obscene amounts of capital and cash.
  • Idea for petition: A program to exponentially expand zoos and zoological societies, turning zoos into giant environments for species to survive for generations, and the societies to get funding for cloning and reviving endangered species, such as the grizzly bear.
  • International preserves for wildlife that exist out of national jurisdiction, and rules so poachers are thrown into a radioactive waste dump for the rest of their lives.
  •  Increased colonization of space, a serious expansion into space.
  • Total protection of indigenous and native populations and their rights.
  • Ban the use of animals in circuses.
  • Stuff I don't get:
  -Why someone would want to engage in acts like oral sex or anal sex or any other acts in general.
-Why there seems to be nothing about how the mechanics and dynamics of sexual action works and form a continuous paradigm that keeps functioning over millions of years instead of being regarded as stupid as soon as one sees it.
-Why it(sexuality) has so much appeal despite it being freaky and weird and gross and disturbing when you see it or worse experience it, and being forced on us from within the brain, aand the rebellion of the body to the personality, and the possible theoretical explanations not matching up with what is in practice.
-Why I can't control it despite it being not part of my personality or anything, and should be nonexistent as predicted, but instead has me making bad decisions in pursuit of sexual activity.

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