Monday, July 1, 2013

As Fourth of July approaches

  • I'm sick of patriotism.
  • I'm sick of nationalism.
  • I'm sick of war, of violence across the world on a course to apocalypse.
  • I'm sick of the state of international relations, where psychotics are in charge and want to kill each other for resources like this is 2 million B.C.
  • I'm sick of humanity's self-assuredness in the face of so many thigns going wrong and their own mistakes, as well as grander schemes of things.
  • I'm sick of ignorance.
  • I'm sick of stars and stripes and fireworks.
  • Im' sick of people, with their pettiness and opinions and hate and enjoyment and indifference.
  • I'm sick of extremism and oblivion.

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