Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Richard Cohen On Zimmerman and Martin

I almost wasn't going to post this, due to a variety of factors, such as a cat who wanted food despite a recent breakfast (I can't figure out how he's so hungry throughout the day when he eats enough for 3 cats a day, a lot at earlier meals), and a general pessimism that's taking over my trains of thought over films and their reception this year, but I will. earlier today, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen (not to be confused with the other million famous Richard Cohens there are) wrote an editorial about George Zimmerman being right to judge Trayvon Martin since he was black and wearing a hoodie, and then a bunch of stuff about young black men being the center of all crime or something. This is very much stupidity, which we've seen is already present in this case and series of events, and a stereotype that reminds me of the racial tensions of 1968 (I've been reading a book on that year again to compare and contrast with today). Don't know if it's an apt or appropriate analogy (the idea that he's still stuck on the phrase "Up against the wall, motherf***er, this is a stickup" would be intriguing to accuse him of), and in any case race is not a biologically or generally valid concept, but, um, what was I saying.
Oh yes, my cracked crime survival team has come up with a new field guide to criminal types based on how Richard Cohen was thinking, for all your going-abouts in dangerous crime areas. Here's what they came up with: ***

***Due to the potentially offensive concepts and very racist things that would have been said to mock Richard cohen but probably be taken out of context or taken meaning I'm a racist, the field guide will not be published. And for you racists out there, get with the times, you jerks.

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