Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Victoria Jackson (a not-very-serious post)

Victoria Jackson, comedienne turned Commie-hunter, I would state that she is psychotic, but that would be an insult to people who suffer from psychosis as a result of a number of psychological and neurological afflictions. But she is insane, or some other term describing whatever the heck she does and sees, it is a tangible fact. There are a ton of stories about her already the last few years as she's joined the Tea Party, and yelling conspiracy theories and accusations out her mouthhole, and I have some stories I've heard from the bylines of Hollywood, such as one time she changed a baby's diaper on an agent's desk, while they were working at it. Due to various reasons, I cannot or will not name where I heard that story, all I will say is that you live in Los Angeles and know one or more persons in the film-TV industry, you eventually start to hear things. But I'm really writing this post to say that I really want to send her a bunch of materials(films, books, etc.) of a suggestive, erotic, offensive, or otherwise anti-her nature. Just to mess with her and subvert her world for a laugh. I can't do that myself, but I will suggest anyone reading this, if you have the money and time, to mail her that stuff, turn this into a campaign of sorts. And if I can politely ask, spread the word on Twitter or something, take a photo of yourself with the materials to mail, something that shows you were involved with this prank, and also name this website if it becomes big news, so that I may bask in the infamy. 
Here's a list of suggested materials to send to her (find the address yourself, I'm not getting in trouble for posting all her information and inciting people to action against her, that's VJ's own job):
Um, I guess that's really all my ideas, but use your imaginations. You could send copies of Das kapital over and over until they pile up, or subscribe her to various magazines such as Mother Jones (would need some hacking or forgery skills for that, mind you), I leave it entirely in your hands.

Also, I was going to mock Chicks on the Right, but all i could think of is the simple declaration that they're just over-privileged rich white women who prefer to drink cosmos, get their nails done, shop for expensive impractical clothes, and put a show about themselves and their right wing views online like they're sincere, nice, and concerned, when they present themselves arrogant, can't talk anymore, starting to question my own sanity in writing all this. The world just gets frustrating, and I start acting like this.

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