Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Random free-floating ideas for a proposal for a graphic arts conference

A Proposal for a Conference on Graphic Arts and Storytelling (and comic books and strips, too) (This is all just rnadom now, brainstorming basically)
-Notable figures interviewed and given a Q&A by audience members (there's so many who could possibly attend, but my hope is Bill Watterson ,and Gilbert Shelton, and Daniel Clowes, and any survivng artists from the Golden Age)
-Exhibitions and discussions on comics from outside the United States
--Anywhere else
-The Art of Black and White
The Effect and Legacy of the Cold War on Comics
-The Effect of the Bush years on the comcis world
-Will Eisner Retrospective
-Tables for freeform talking amongst professionsal,s attendees, and any dreamers otu there without experience but with ideas
-Noir comics
-The age of technology we live in, and future speculations on how it could change the field, such as in publishing and editing
-A room for trading and selling volumes of material and art supplies
 Commericalization and corporations
-Several conference long marathons of screening movies and TV shows based on comics and such.
--DCAU series
--Old serials
--The Incredible Hulk TV series from the 70s
--Dark Knight Trilogy
-Setting up local presses in your home town
-Explore new areas of subject matter
-Debate: Watchmen: Boon or hindrance to comics? (Or maybe, to go along with it, is it good or overrated, you decide while our panelists go at it)
-Learn art techniques
-An all-digital world
-Public perceptions
-Perceptions of the makers
-Symposia on fandom
-Have the Ohio State University Billy ireland Library send reps (if they want)
-Symposium: SHould we make softcore porno comcis? (This should attract a large number of people, since sex sells after all)
-A discussion with Mad Magazine staffers and veterans, to go over the history and future of the publication)
-Sympoium: Starting a comics revolution in analogy to the microcmputer rwevolution of the 1970s?
-Alternative comics
-3-D printing
-New forms of graphic novels

This can be useful for anyone who, like me, will not be going to COmic-Con or its other conventions this year, and whatever else reason you might have.

If you read this, please, please put your own ideas below and I'll see what is appropriate and such. I'll be back in a few days to put up more refined draft, and anyone who comments might get their idea up here.

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  1. Awesome list. I would attend an event like this.

    Hm...for a about "From Page to Screen: The Rise and Fall of Frtiz the Cat" (Since, well, it's Crumb after all). From what I've heard, Crumb was enthusiastic at the start of the movie adaptation...not so much at the end result.