Saturday, March 23, 2013

A message from Nick to present and future generations

This is a message (see title if you really didn't pay attention) to no one in particular: It's tiring to be so amazed by stuff in life, from the cool new trailers for this summer, to the scale of nature, only to have it all messed up by some idiots you stumble your way into. Don't know what I was trying to say there, but the message is this: When it comes to comics, movie reviewers, snarky people who love proving their superiority, or even define, then ignore or question them and their authority on such matters. if someone says that something amazing is "absurd popcorn fun", question them upfront, or ignore, imagine yourself deep in cinema itself, or something, let the work speak for itself and/or don't even define or downsize it into words and connotations, or care about it, have a fresh slate and an open mind, something.

I really wish I wasn't writing this, but it gets annoying when the world keeps boiling down, things stop being amazing or anything, and all that's left is the white noise of people on the internet, on comics blogs and new sites and so on, not being concerned with a bigger world, instead complaining out loud about how some film will be a trainwreck for them to mock, or do reviews as they are self-proclaimed experts, I don't know I've run out of things to say.

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