Thursday, January 31, 2013

Now that 2012 is a month in the past...

I would like to make an exception that proves the rule, and by that I mean make a post that I'll do off the bat, letting petty business and excess emotion and rage take over instead of my higher brain and such, I'll regret doing this later, and it'll fade into obscurity after a few minutes, but I'll post it anyway to get it off my chest. Something like that, I don't know.  And I'll use euphemisms to help.
Here it goes: Frak Mitt Romney, frak Rick Santorum, frak Newt Gingrich, frak Ron Paul, frak Rand Paul, frak Michele Bachmann, frak hypermasculinty, frak Rush Limbaugh, frak Karl Rove, frak Todd Akin, frak frak Comics Alliance, frak the Patron Saint of Sueprheroes, frak the exploitation and destruction of native peoples around the world, frak the Tea party, frak corporate fascism, frak militias, frak Aspergers "curebies", frak the incompetence of the public and private school systems, frak Julian Darius of SequArt with his arrogant D-bag photos and writing style, frak conspiracy theorists, frak bloggers, and frak me too.
There you go, and please no angry comments or anything, this is one time only, I hope.

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