Sunday, January 6, 2013

Breaking News From Provo, Utah

This just in from our cracked news team in Salt Lake City, apparently Brigham Young University is editing their rules on abstinence for its students to exempt the Japanese-originated brothel practice known as Soapland. Says University spokesman Irving Prescott Freely, "We want our student body to abide by the honor code, but realize that if they strictly follow it, their brains will explode. So, after one of our students was caught with a video of the practice, we all got together and thought that it'd be the perfect solution, since they technically aren't engaging in extramarital sex, and logically are not sinning, and thus is within the rules." For those of you who want to know what this practice is, but wisely don't trust internet search engines, here's a link (By the way, that's the magic of Wikipedia, two pages before that I was looking for a page on audio-visual clubs, then thanks to clicking on the wrong link I wound up there.)
(Note:This is not a real news item. But if you pass it on as a real one, then go for it, that'd be hilarious.)

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