Friday, February 22, 2013

The Nick Scroggs Incredibly Long List of Very Short Books

(Before any of you ask, yes it's a take-off of Mad magazine's Library of Extremely Thin Books, but it works nonetheless).
  • My Contributions to Italian-American Culture by Snooki
  • Reasonable Arguments for Gun Control by Wayne LaPierre
  • What Oil Companies Are Doing About The Spike in Gas Prices
  • Why I and my Son are Not Joke Candidates by Ron Paul
  • My Principles by Mitt Romney
  • How to Create Reality TV Shows about Regular People - The Bravo Network
  • The Great Future Ahead for Honey Boo Boo
  • A Critical Study of My Little Pony;Friendship is Magic Fandom (though given the output of such publishers as MacFarland books this probably would go on for a few thousand pages)
  • Quality Fan Fiction on the Internet
  • Justice and Fairness in Arizona Immigration Policy
  • Why I Love The President's Current Policies by Glenn Beck
  • The Taylor Swift Discography Volume 2, Songs Not About Breaking Up
  • Fair and Nonjudgemental Discussions in the Comics Fandom World
  • Why Society Needs People Like Feminaz-I mean feminists, Fagg-I mean Gay Persons, Kenyans I mean Presidents, ack, I can't take it anymore! If you're not a reactionary, bloated, balding, rich white male who smokes phallic cigars, go get Parkinson-AIDS and Die! by Rush Limbaugh (Yeah, we knew it wasn't going to work, but give him a hand for trying, folks!)
  • Bipartisan Successes in my First term by Barack Obama
  • A Full List of All Our Names and Personal Info - Anonymous
  • The Competency of the CIA
  • The Modesty and Honesty of Vladimir Putin
  • A History of Integrity in Florida Politics by Jeb Bush, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Josue Larose
  • Openness in the Chinese Government
  • Ai Weiwei's Clean Mouth
  • Ways to Get Famous in Stand-Up Comedy Without Dying Young, Winning Awards, or Having a Massive Fanbase of Idiots (naw, that's just a low blow)
  • A History of Sanity in Los Angeles
  • How To Tell The News Without Being Pretty, Blond, or White- Megyn Kelly
  • Why My Blogging Will Change The World by Nick Scroggs

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