Saturday, February 9, 2013

Comics notes

I guess I just mentally work on a different plane than most people on the web into comics, like stuff like "reality or unreality" or cultural consciousness, or taking time and persuasion for buying into stuff, etc., just never crosses my mind, and it gets really confusing when people start talking like that,
or stuff like broad strokes or mediums or all this stuff, I can't wrap my head around what all these people are saying, and it's frustrating. And things like where i think we're on the same page about why people shouldn't be hating on something, like a new interpretation of Star Trek, but then they list things like "action movie to=ropes" and "they hate its.. fun", stuff that was never even on brain when i saw it, I guess I'm just an enigma, or an anomaly, or taking the films literally in their worlds without cultural or social or geek culture context or something. Maybe it's a kind of mental convergent evolution that is unraveling.
And finally, please stop using "comic book" as an umbrella term/adjective, it's annoying( and limiting I guess). (PS, Seriously, how in the demiurge of Gosticism was the 2009 Star Trek goofy? Who uses that such language?)

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