Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Observations and questions from day 4 of the Indiana trip

  • There was this Fairfield inn we stayed at where they ran out of food fast at the free breakfast, and the valets were short staffed and being jerks to each other while families waited for their cars. I nearly did yell at them, next time I will just start. Fight.
  • Why are we all here, instead of as like aquatic reptiles of the Triassic?
  • Why were the 50s and 60s so extreme times of anti communists and calling each other moon bats and such?
  • What if the Cold War was between the west and fascist nations instead of communism?
  • Why does so much of  the suburbs outside Chicago look like out of the Twilight Zone, or the Stepford Wives?
  • Why is national politics bipolar or tripolar or whatever the hell is and not a lot more complex or accurate in how humans think and such?
  • Will this world survive, or will it just die out against good judgement? And do we deserve to die, leaving behind a lifeless planet?
  • Why does Indiana have so many bikes and cemeteries?
  • What is fun and what is serious, what are those concepts now?
  • There are a lot of trees and forests and creeks in Indiana.
  • It feels like a revisit it high school in 2008 or so: idiots making the news and being left in charge, cynicism of the unseen middle class, and a malaise of some kind..
  • They need to release killer whales from being used as attractions, they should never have been captured for that purpose in the first place, it is cruel.
  • Why do people trust Paula Deen? Got diabetes, then continued selling a high fat and sugar diet that probably got her there in the first place.
  • Impeach Putin.
  • Humans seem to have an insatiable need for substances to take, from caffeine, to alcohol, to tobacco, to marijuana, to all sorts of drugs and such legal and illegal.
  • Is the death of the middle class really that much of a tragedy, or a blessing once you see behind the scenes into their everyday lives and minds, their real desires, the boring nothingness of suburban existence, and dark sides that never make the tales of how great middle America and small towns and traditional values are.
  • Is Diane Sawyer a Republican, given her association with Nixon?  Can she be trusted?
  • The LAUSD is one of the worst districts in the nation, and I say that from experience. Fifty percent dropout rate at the high school I went to(Fairfax), middle school where the kids were horrible jerks and bullies and thugs in private and in class, the special education department higher ups needed serious education and such in their jobs, some teachers that now in retrospect were insane: Mr. beigler, a geometry teacher who made rude " big man on campus" comments to students like me, mr. Gee, the English teacher who went on the reality tv show Solitary and stayed to win rather than teach, and later showed episodes from that show to home room students everyday, plus a seeming Bush-lover. The nihilistic chemistry teacher mr. Lee, gym teachers who just were hard asses, health teachers smoking outside (though he was aware of it). There were a lot of good teachers there too, Mr. Warhaftig, the history teacher Ms. Harris, the art magnet teachers, mr. Jolna, a little on the fence about mr. Hassett, et cetera. And that's what I remember or will say, these are minor to the stuff so many have to go through there.

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