Thursday, June 6, 2013

Table of Contents for a Manifesto to be done some time later

1. Inroduction
2. Time, space, the universe, anthropocentrism, and a lot of other thigns
3.  Frustartions
4. Political reforms
 a. Recalling all members of Congress
 b. Downsizing the Department of Defense and reallocate its budget to needed areas
 c. Holding a symposium on how to change political ideologies after decades, or at least why out of so many possible results it's the same political ideas each time
 d. Finding out why so much of geopolitics is sociopathy and masculinity contests.
e. Taxing churches
5. Other ideas
 a. Taking away the money of people and corporations,  such as the Koch brothers, and putting it into public funds
 b. A conference on whether or not humanity itself deserves to survive
 c. Get rid of daylight savings time
 d. Banning the use of animals in circuses
 e. Creating an agency to replace current cities and suburbs with ecologically based and sustainable materials and layout
 f. Program to promote space exploration and futurological studies
 g.Investigating logging companies and replanting major ecologies
 h. Working worldwide and in nation on the rights and protection of indigenous peoples, tribes, and dying languages.
 i. Refomring the education system

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