Monday, June 17, 2013

After reading up on Wikileaks controversies(and on the Cold War) that opened a floodgate ofthoughts

It's hopeless, the situation, hackers and pirates trying to take over the internet for unapologetic digital utopia, versus governments and power players that try desperately for power in authoritarian ways, on the sidelines angry people prejudiced to both sides, and those who don't care, where everyone's a villain or a schemer or an idiot or a monster or just plain spiteful and gossiping behind someone's back under a veneer of kindness. It's a brutal, endless pattern, throughout history as of late, establishments, freedom fighters, armchair experts called pundits. And you wonder why humanity itself ever came into being in the first place or deserved it. The amazement of life coming into form and function out of primordial darkness, that such a creature could stand on two legs, invent, even travel to other worlds. And where are we. Warring, killing, mass murder, cheating, lying, stealing, shallowness, apathy, destruction. Young idealists, following Lenin or Ron Paul, to their dooms. Militarism, the degrading of life in the face of increased monolithic forces. The unceasign destruction of the environment and the natural world, people supporting the death of other lifeforms and species if it means they get profit. School departments of cities that can't figure out what's wrong with one kid and keeps making blunders. Bullies. Doubting if you're sane or not.People dying of preventable ailments rather than quit in the name of freedom. Millions of years of life, and yet all that matters is the next few years, the next big score, the keeping of a status quo like it's been for centuries when it has not been 10 years. Question to anyone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask: What's the correlation between Fawkes and wearing the mask as a protest for something? because I was reading up on it, apparently the Gunpowder Plot was assassinate the then-king in order to put a Catholic monarchy on the throne. Ironic. End line.

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