Monday, December 17, 2012

On The Science of Superheroes books

This is going to bug me all winter if I don't say anything, but the book The Science of Superheroes from years ago is a disappointing book. There, it weighed so much but slid off easily once typed. I thought it would be a great book, but it left me almost hopeless, the authors being condescending and making frequent errors about the comics, pardon the word, super-judgemental, come off as armchair experts who self-aggrandize and use the word "logic" very indiscriminately. I could go on, but it all screams a 2000s worldview, where everything's trained to be bollocks (taken from a Red Dwarf episode), and there's nothing but a post-meta-modern thing on everything, and it's all ridicule, or considered "modern mythology"(which sounds annoying anyway), there's no care, no enthusiasm, no imagination or filling in the blanks, I can go on, but I'm not happy writing this and want to not be involved at all, with all this. And on James Kakalios, it just comes off as a jerk move to go into The Physics of Superheroes, give it so full of life and hope, and then ruin it by being a total jerk with the words "inherently ridiculous", you no-good, I trusted you!

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