Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An open letter to Paul Zehr

An open message to Paul Zehr, author of Inventing Iron Man(if he ever reads this, unlikely since he never read the email I sent him): Sir, I have to register a complaint against you, because when I bought your book and read it, I was so excited, enthusiastic, with the respect and belief to the material, until it got to the last chapters, where you just switch gears with your snarkiness and hatred and tongue-in-cheekness and such on stuff like Iron Man's heart problem (especially the line "It's a ridiculous idea, but then this is superheroes we're talking about", where I wanted to throw the book across the room), it all just ruined it. And it makes you look like a discredit to science, to comics, and so on. I hope the philosophy that you and other people of this era who write books on pop culture academia use to elevate then bring down people becomes lost to time.
(Come to think of it, this can be used for many examples, such as Psychology and Batman, to a lesser extent though)

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