Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Less Emotional Follow-up to the Zehr Post

This is a addendum post, sort of like Dark Victory to The Long Halloween, and is more of some letting things off my chest while tired: I never liked the 2000s as a whole, and one reason why was the people self-appointed as intellectual leaders and warriors, such as two sides of a coin the authors of The Science of Superheroes (who in retrospect maybe were hacks who wanted to show off their savvy and trendiness in science while being super jerks, and also maybe it was like it was them making their own view of the world independent of observation) and certain American religious denominations and pundits (who in retrospect may have been hacks wanting to show off moral and intellectual superiority and making a world not based on observation), it got tiring to a point of thinking it will never end. Don't have an ending to this, so I'll let it peter off.

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