Saturday, August 17, 2013

Oil companies and high school

To people I met in the past and such, if oil companies are really in charge and doing stuff that secretly control the country like having Obama elected in order to placate the populace, then why don't you do something about it, like start a violent overthrow of them and destroy their corporate buildings and power structures and such, or steal all their money so as to fund alternative energy projects, rather than sit around and complain? Why not do something? Other things too, like when complaining about the Army recruiting kids on campus, on more than one occasion I suggested they go up to the soldiers on campus and tell them to go away and stop using kids as cannon fodder, but they didn't listen. Hated a lot of high school, saw a lot of things and secret worlds of humans, the ones that are never mentioned anywhere, the hypocrisy, the teachers who probably shouldn't teach, the gossip and talking about other people behind their backs, fascist PE teachers,  holy moly this is bringing back to those days,  the world back then on the verge of nervous breakdown, others only concerned with everything except study, people in authority and moral debates and issues that were questionable in general, a sense of alienation, I did well in classes but everything else, I I can't go on, stopping post.

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