Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Question about Objectivism (partly to create a Succès de scandale)

Let me ask you this, whoever is reading this: Would the world at the end of any Ayn Rand novel survive a generation or more? Say that the Objectivist supermen and women become so obsessed with their own self-superiority that they forget they're mortal, and don't have any offspring and such? Or they do breed and have offspring, say their children don't follow their parents into a world by John Galt and whatshername the Aryan Dagny, and rebel against a paradigm of laissez-faire and totalitarianism? Or maybe their kids have some physical or cognitive developmental problems, and are shunned by their parents as not being fit to carry the Objectivist legacy or as the perfect people they the parents are? Or suddenly a natural disaster or catastrophe that completely or partially changes the world out of nowhere, that leave the Randian heroes at a major disadvantage they can't solve with their worldview, or just unable to adapt and die off?

(Come to think of it, a lot of these complaints can go towards many ideologies and such, but focusing on Objectivism here, and also politics can be disproven as not existing, only an intangible illusion, and being scientific here than conforming to an ideology that's inaccurate, I'm rambling now, sorry.)

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