Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Iron Dream

I don;t know why, could be the 11 hours of sleep I managed to get, or some kind of growing instability, but I suddenly have an idea to make a film adaptation of Norman Spinrad's novel The Iron Dream (which itself contains a novel written by an alternate Adolf Hitler and his lurid dreams), partly to design it into form, but mostly to mess with everybody's heads, from studio execs realizing they've spent a giant budget to make a book about the racist dreams of Nazis come to life, to finding people who don't realize the Nazi analogues, and so on. Hmm, maybe it could be done in the fashion of a cheapo 1980s Conan the Barbarian ripoff, or like made in the 70s, or animated, and the film itself concludes with a special "behind the scenes" documentary set in the same timeline as the novel, rather than the meta-scholarly analysis in the book which wouldn't adapt well, and features the actors and crew talking oblivious to things and son on and son on and so on.

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