Tuesday, August 6, 2013


If you ever want to become depressed and/or have convincing evidence that humanity is a train wreck disaster or just not worthy of the status of life in the universe capable of so many things, go on a website, say Laughspin, and see the comments made by people, for example misogynistic ones stating the author is a hack for calling Adam Carolla a hack judging by degrees in studies they don't even know if they have. Or right-wing videos on YouTube going on about new world orders, Reagan saying he "warned everyone" of  Obama, and using George Carlin as a global warming denial propagandist by editing clips or something. Or on Comics Alliance, when when they portrayed themselves as seas of sanity in a world gone mad ( after arguing with each other over Jim Lee's run on X-men and the design of costumes in DC's New 52), and then all these people show up making racist comments, and then some, such as and I quote from memory since I will not go back there, "Amen, I got out of the matrix and now fully put faith in God" after an article on the issue where Superman renounces his US citizenship. Or listen to stories about how one's great-grandfather would drive a boat drunk with his grand kids on board in a lake polluted into a brown sludge. Or news blogs where people express support for Christopher Dorner and give him a dark vigilante mystique, or saying that he was murderous but brilliant. Or sick humor about Natalie Wood's death in the 80s. Or ugly open secrets that it seems a lot of people know but will never tell. Or of persons calling for violence and becoming more violent despite all that history shows. Sometimes it's like you wish something would come along and destroy humanity once and for all to end it for the planet. Or for those without the resources for that, getting away and cutting off can be a start toward sanity.

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