Friday, August 23, 2013

One last post or so

On the Ben Affleck Batman thing: I don't care, I simply don't. I've gotten cynical, I guess, about anything like this, the world of it, the monopolistic corporate structures of comics publishers, the still cliched and stereotyped views of unfamiliar outlets in presenting the news about it with phrases from the 60s Batman series. And then there's so many others I've seen, the bloggers of comics of so many sites, people I fought against just after Man of Steel came out (and they are stupid, by the way), writers of terrible and jargon-filled essays on stuff like this, etc. Only thing I actually trust is the potential film itself, because it's actually there and existing, and has a story and world going on and such, rather than star power or money or semiotics or popcorn or connotations or whatever, it , means more than any nagging author (suck as Chuck Dixon on remarks by Chris Nolan) or bored Golden Apple employee.
Now to wait and see how many spam-bot hits I get, it's like suddenly I'm like sugar to their flies.

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