Thursday, August 22, 2013

To referral spammers and blog traffic fakers

I've been a fool, it's taken me this long, but I've found out that nobody's been looking up this blog, or least much less than stated. All the links I keep getting saying that the sites are referring to mine, Adsensewatchdog, vampirestat, kzmackblogger, etc., they've just been using code to trick my stats readings, website views that didn't happen, and since Google isn't doing anything about this, I might have to. So listen up you spammers, keep up this referring and statistics messing, and I will start tracking you down, and find you, and burn your servers and computers with a blowtorch and five gallons of gasoline, and then tie you up and smash each of your fingers and toes one at a time with a sledgehammer, until you cry Uncle after seeing your evil appendages turned into a mass of red goo and bone powder!!! You get that, you scumbag assholes?!?! You mess with my site, I mess with you.

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