Monday, August 12, 2013

Various things

  • An anti-state, a type of entity I'm making up right now, that serves as antimatter to a state of polity's matter.
  • Ban nuclear weapons, repurpose all for peaceful uses, including ones that have to be taken back from terror and other groups.
  • Take down lobbying in the United States, all it is at this point is money and tactics used to get someone figuratively in bed with a cause and shows how malleable people in power are in a manner similar to to days gangsters could run things. Okay, that sentence is a bit over the place, so, take down lobbying, take money and professional legal firms away from any remaining lobbyists, and so on.
  • To the President, should he get this since it seems writing a letter to the White House website only seems to fill my email inbox: What happened to you, man? In 2008 there was so much optimism, the hope campaign, but with things like the NSA surveillance things, and so forth, it's just showing you're a president in power with no idea of the social, cultural, psychological, and other changes at this time in the 21st century, sort of like Lyndon Johnson and his men in the late 1960s.
  • Revive people mover and monorail projects in Los Angeles.
  • In LA as well, take a lot of Griffith park and convert it into a full reserve for animals, and make the zoo itself more for the animals there than any people showing up to gawk at them.
  • More respect for those with autism spectrum disorders, rather than thought of solely as "defective" kids that people agonize over what they did "wrong".
  •  I still can't figure out why anyone would want war right after World war 2, or why anyone even bothered with violence for their goals, you'd think with the amount of devastation and shock of the the brutality of war, no one would think of going into it ever again.
  • Apparently according to some sources, there were a lot of powerful people at the mayoral manor nearby Detroit at a a party a stripper performed at before she was murdered by Kwame Kilpatrick's wife, including Jennifer Granholm. The story's a bit muddled by my own memory of my sources telling me, but it speaks up.
  • Execute poachers and anyone trying to hunt for bushmeat, and ban hunting for sport in general,  to eat and for survival is a different story.

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