Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Complaint about sites and ads

I hate how on Blogger, none of the referral URLs that the stats page actually link to the sites that supposedly are why today I had like 20 views in India, which is big considering I have an average per day of views between zero and one. Back to my point, it said I had traffic from a site called topblogstories.com, so imagine my surprise when I click on it and find not a site about blogs, but called "sex dating in LA" with nudes all about. As if it weren't bad enough when I kept getting banner ads for "Muslim singles", "christian singles", "geek 2 geek dating" and Anastasia Date, now it's... where was I? Oh yes, it was a summer night on the Caribbean, I was on my private yacht whilst entertaining such esteemed guests as Robert McNamara, Bob Guccione, and Hunter Thompson to the sounds of some Ramones tribute band I picked up in Italy when I was a spy there in the 1980s.

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