Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Proposal to recall all members of Congress

This would be on a petition website, except I know none of those ever work form experience, but anyway, it's quite simple, just have a special countrywide election in every state and congressional district, and elect new members to Congress if need be, if not all then at least the idiotic ones. It gets frustrating to have such things happen as in the last four years, with just a few examples here: Homer Simpsons look-alike Louis Gohmert, Todd Akin, Dana Rohrabacher on "dinosaur flatulence", the House Committee on sciences begin filled with people of zero scientific background, tons of blocking, I can go on but won't. Point is, since I don't want to leave humanity behind to live with nature and sanity only to go all Unabomber, I ask, with evidence in time, that Congress be recalled and a new one sworn in before the world ends with a bang and a whimper. Because I've spent 20 something years seeing stuff crumble around me, the incompetence and sense of futility from the 2000s, from the kid bullies in junior high school given free reign while the adults couldn't stop it, to the highest echelons of power; the power hunger and corruption in humans in those days, police officers in LA pulling over a friend of mine because she was Hispanic, the death of philosophy ( as I can tell) so on. And, I don't want humanity to kill itself out of procrastination and ignorance, don't want things on a dystopic track. This can at least be a start. No old faces, no psychotic newcomers from 2012 and 2010, but competent people.
Or if it doesn't work out, then i have a proposal for a global suicide pact to be enacted by 2016, if it's really a aimless and hopeless world, then just get it over. (This last part is a parody part, to be clear. Sort of.)

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